CHARACTERS î Forever Your Valentine Eastport Book 3

Forever Your Valentine Eastport Book 3

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Faith Kinley would rather forget all about Valentine’s Day Last February 14th she caught her husband with another woman This Valentine’s Day takes a turn for the better when Faith runs into dead se


Ith resolves to keep her relationship with Cole strictly platonic a pledge that becomes harder to keep as they grow closer Will one night together ruin their friendship or could they be falling in love

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Xy Cole McKenna Attraction crackles between them but Cole’s a confirmed bachelor whose career as a hockey scout keeps him on the road most of the year With her heart still mending from her divorce Fa Refined Tastes from her divorce Fa

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    Ok Not set in Eastport but FMC was a key supporting character in big ok one I actually put this one down for a couple weeks of days in the middle and forgot about it; pacing is uneven so drags in spots Very sweet ending if somewhat rushed to get to the HEA and be over

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    Lovely as always Susan R Hughes creates couples who are so real that I always feel like I might know them or at least wish I did In this book I so badly wanted things to work out for them that I was tempted to peek at the ending I know it is a romance so they should get together but Ms Hughes manages to build just enough tension and reality that nothing feels absolute except that they should be togetherForever Your Valentine tells the story of a divorcee who still hurts from her ex husband’s betrayal With the encouragement of a friend she tries to move forward and finds herself connecting with this Mister No Way a hockey scout who isn’t looking for anything serious Watching their relationship bloom win is a warm delight Cole may not be able to resist what Faith and her son have to offerI read this story under the title Forever Your Valentine

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