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    After last year's wonderful Blade of the Samurai I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review its successor Flask of the Drunken Master the third in the Shinobi Mysteries by Susan Spann The book definitely didn't disappoint though it doesn't stand alone as well as Blade of the Samurai did The conseuences of the power vacuum after the death of the Shogun in the previous book are felt throughout the narrative and there are some characters from the first book in the series Claws of the Cat that make a return appearance Still Spann returns us to Hiro Father Mateo and Kyoto for another interesting murder to solveThe main characters of the series remain its principal strength Hiro and Father Mateo are great characters whose chemistry works really well The interactions between them including Hiro's exasperation at Mateo's social blundering and the priest's disapproval of Hiro's taking liberties with the truth when necessary remain my favourite thing in this book as well I love how Hiro uses Mateo to ask uestions that Japanese tradition and politeness prevent him from asking without giving offence Their relationship has blossomed into friendship of the years spent together; Hiro doesn't only protect Mateo because he gets paid to do so any he genuinely cares about the priest But this growing closeness also brings conflict as the priest isn't afraid to call out Hiro when he feels he is disrespecting him by tuning out whenever Mateo discusses his religionSpann uses the above mentioned conflict to illustrate the inherent tension between Hiro’s innate feeling of superiority over Mateo – not just due to his Samurai status but also due to Mateo’s being a foreigner – and the respect he has for the priest This resonates with the larger narrative where class differences and the various power differentials between them play a large role The contempt the samurai guards show those they consider beneath them whether they are commoners merchants or a foreigner like Father Mateo is palpable and they crossover into abuse often than not Similarly the way Akechi uses her Samurai status to intimidate those from the classes below hers to pay up their debts trusting in her higher status to keep her safe from repercussions But we also see the flip side when Hiro and Mateo encounter several eta or untouchables and Hiro has to persuade Mateo to leave the eta alone for their own sake because his insistence on talking to them might bring them trouble and embarrasses them to bootThe Samurai are such an important and threatening presence due to the power struggle over the empty seat of Kyoto’s shogunate It’s a conflict that bleeds through the narrative influencing trade deals and upping the tension in Kyoto to the boiling point It’ll be interesting to see if and how this situation shapes the plot of the next book And hopefully several of the returning characters from this book will return in the next one as well Ginjiro and Tomiko the father and daughter who run Hiro’s local sake brewery and who we’ve met before play central roles in the plot As does Akechi Yoshiki who is the daughter of the first book’s murder victim They were all interesting characters especially Tomiko and Akechi who are anything but traditional women and I’d love to see them againAs is often the case in modern day crime shows it’s all about the money in this case as well The concept of debt whether monetary or of honour is intricate and complicated doubly so in the honour driven Japanese culture It is Hiro’s honour debt to Ginjiro that seals the deal on him assisting in tracking the true killer even if he’d been inclined to help Ginjiro and his family without it Debt and money lending plays an important part in the economy of Kyoto and it too is very much class restricted with money lenders only giving loans to specific groups of people Follow the money is always wise advise and I loved the places the trail takes Hiro and Father Mateo in Flask of the Drunken MasterThis third entry in the Shinobi Mysteries was just as entertaining as its predecessor Spann has clearly done her research on Japan in the sixteenth century and it shows without being overbearing or overwhelming Add to that two charming main characters supported by a great cast of secondary and background characters a good plot and a nice twist or two and you have a recipe for a great murder mystery I really enjoyed Flask of a Drunken Master Hopefully Hiro and Father Mateo will return in the future because I’m curious to see what happens in the struggle for the shogunateThis book was provided for review by the publisher as part of a blog tour

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    Rating 455The author brings Japanese history its customs and politics to life in this series and in this book as we enjoy detecting from an unlikely pair of sleuths I highly recommend it for history and mystery buffs alike My full review

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    to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleFlask of the Drunken Master is the engrossing third entry in the wonderful Shinobi Mystery series and the main characters Hiro the undercover ninja bodyguard and the Portuguese priest Mateo who he is sworn to protect are as delightful as ever Susan Spann draws a vivid picture of sixteenth century Japan that pulled me in right from the first sentence and kept me guessing until the very endWhile out on a morning uest for breakfast Hiro and Father Mateo come across a disturbance at the sake house that Hiro freuents The proprietor Ginjiro is being led away charged with the murder of a fellow sake brewer named Chikoa who was found beaten to death behind Ginjiro’s shop His daughter Tomiko implores the unlikely detective duo to find the real killer before her father is put to death The assistant magistrate insists that Chikoa’s death was the accidental result of a fight between the two brewers and wants the case closed as uickly and uietly as possible Hiro does not believe Ginjiro is guilty so he agrees to help Could the victim’s debt ridden spoiled son be to blame? Or the female samurai debt collector who often uses violence to obtain the money she is owed? Could his death be the result of brewery politics? The investigative pair finds themselves in increasingly tense situations as they ferret out the killer Flask of the Drunken Master picks up right after the action of Blade of the Samurai but I do think it can be read as a stand alone mystery There is political upheaval following the recent death of the Shogun and Kyoto is on edge waiting for the new Shogun to be announced There are guards present everywhere and everyone fears that war is coming This adds to Hiro’s anxiety fearing that Kyoto may soon be a dangerous place for Father MateoMy favorite part of this series is Hiro and Father Mateo’s improbable friendship Their relationship has progressed from mere protectorprotegee to a warm respect and affection for each other I think that Hiro though still obligated to safeguard the priest would now look after him anyway I look forward to seeing how their relationship continues to evolve They are well developed characters but still possess enough mystery to be interestingThe Japanese setting and culture is almost like a character itself I enjoy reading historical fiction and mysteries because I always feel like I come away from each book having learned something and that is certainly the case here The class system and social customs the honor bound approach to every aspect of life the various districts of Kyoto and even the descriptions of the clothing and such are fascinating Ms Spann has obviously done her research and her love of Japan shines through What could come across as a dry history lecture is instead vividly presented and I felt like I was thereFlask of the Drunken Master is a first rate methodically plotted and logically unfurled mystery I did not want to put the book down I recommend it to fans of historical mysteries and those who are interested in Japanese culture

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    I was looking forward to this third part of the Shinobi mysteries as I had enjoyed the first two CLAWS OF HE CAT and BLADE OF THE SAMURAIvery much despite the fact that before picking up the first book I had no interest in Japan in general much less in medieval Japan CLAWS OF THE CAT surprised and delighted me And the next two books were worthy successorsIN FLASK OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER a brewer is murdered and another brewer is the main suspect So naturally there is lots of sake as Hiro and Father Mateo set out to prove the innocence of the suspect and find the real murderer And suspects abound There's a familiar face or two if you are a returning reader and of course a cast of new ones But despite the at least to me unusual and hard to remember Japanese names it wasn't hard to follow the story without getting anyone mixed up There is a list of the cast of characters at the start of the book and a list of Japanese terms used at the end that's where they are placed in the Kindle edition I found the latter list very helpful in the first book and to my surprise remembered uite a few so I didn't have to look them upAs it should be in a good murder mystery you are kept guessing until the very end that is to say the trial and pending execution of the initial suspect Can Hiro solve the mystery in time? Why does he enlist the drunk monk to help him? What is that female samurai doing? And will Luis' weapon trade have direct conseuences for Father Mateo and his bodyguard cum translator?Only one way to find out

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    Once again Susan Spann entertains readers and transports them to 16th century Japan The author has the ability to make you feel like you are walking next to Hiro and Father Mateo This time Hiro engages in sword fights and battles which are thrilling and page turning It was exciting to see the samurai in action The relationship between Hiro and Father Mateo continues to develop and deepen as the series progresses Her writing is beautiful and many times I would re read a passage because I loved the language so much Hiro has a love interest this time although he has no interest and the interaction between Hiro and the female admirer was another fun subplot For the third time I had no idea “who done it” until the big reveal The author keeps you guessing until the end I’m so excited there will be a fourth book in this series as I would miss these characters tremendously if my walks with Hiro and Father Mateo were over It’s hard enough to wait between books Counting the days until the release of Book 4 Mask of the Fallen in July 2016

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    I absolutely love the dynamic between Hiro a shinobininja and Father Mateo a Portuguese priest in feudal Kyoto Japan As Hiro officially acts as the priest's interpreter it highlights the differences between Japanese and Western etiuette and judicial systems I will be looking forward to reading about Hiro and Father Mateo

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    Another great read that I strenuously recommend The third novel in her Shinobi series has Susan Spann increasing everything from her first two episodes the cast of characters some old some new some old with new backstories the action the number of suspects the political tension the threats to our two main protagonists Father Mateo and Hattori Hiro even the comedy the character Suke could get his own comedy show Set in 1560s Kyoto during an interregnum of sorts between the alleged seppuku of one Shogun and the Emperor's official appointment of the de facto military ruler of Kyoto as the next Shogun the two main protagonists find themselves embroiled in another murder mystery involving the death of a sake brewer who is a rival to Ginjiro the proprietor of the sake establishment freuented by Hiro The plot weaves through the victim's attempts to become a member of the brewer's guild moneylending collections enforcers marriage propositions increased police presence in the form of samurai enforcers on virtually every street corner and internecine political struggles among the fractious clans vying for control of medieval JapanIn my reviews of Spann's previous entries in this series I stated that I wanted shinobisamurai action Well she delivered as we get to see Hiro and others displaying martial skill than was depicted in earlier novels in very compelling and thrilling scenes We also get a lot of Hiro's backstory and emotional makeup get significant teasers about the history of hilarious besotted monk Suke and get a continuation of the ongoing story of female samurai Akechi Yoshiko and her apparent unreuited attraction to Hiro The story is well paced regularly hitting significant milestones while not abandoning lush descriptions of the settings or detailed explanations of Japanese culture There was a tiny bit of introduction of new information only in the final few pages during Hiro's declaration of whodunit but overall I continue to enjoy the series immensely and recommend it to fans of mysteries or historical fictionThanks to Seventh Street books for providing me with other novels in this series to get me hooked enough to buy this one on my own

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    It is August of 1565 and the capital city of Kyoto is in the temporary “protection” of the feared samurai Matsunaga Hisehide since the seppuku of Ashikaga the last official shogun The city is under a veritable lockdown and everyone entering is viewed as a possible spy including Hattori Hiro and his charge Jesuit priest Father Mateo Ávila de SantosOne morning in the city while purchasing noodles for breakfast Hiro and Father Mateo see their friend Ginjiro the brewer being arrested and hauled off by the yoriki for the murder of Chikao a brewer from a poorer part of the city The two had been heard arguing the night before and the victim’s body was found outside Ginjiro’s home and place of business with the remnants of one of Ginjiro’s custom saké bottles at hand The victim’s son apparently owed the accused a considerable amount of money and Ginjiro had refused to advance Chikao any further credit Ginjiro asserts his innocence and his daughter Tomiko begs Hiro and Father Mateo to find the real killer and save her father from certain death at the hand of the executionerAuthor Susan Spann has again crafted a compelling murder mystery against the complex background of 16th century Kyoto Japan It is a very robust historical tale as along with the murder investigation there is the continuing story of the fall of the Ashikaga clan the impending approach of the fierce warlord Oda Nobunaga and the arrival of the Portuguese and Jesuits in Japan The relationship between Hiro and Father Mateo is great fun to observe as their two cultures and basic natures try to work together and get along as is the side story of Akechi Yoshiko the female samurai who may have her eye on Hiro for romantic reasons Additionally another fun and interesting side story involves Hiro’s pet cat Gato The story explains that cats were not considered pets by the Japanese at this time in the past so having a cat in the house is a new experience for the tough manly HiroThis is the third entry in the Shinobi Mystery series which currently numbers at seven total Flask of the Drunken Master could be read alone but I highly recommend starting at the first in the series because they are just that good and worth looking for I recommend this series to historical mystery fans especially those with an affinity for stories set in old Japan

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    The story is really good I've liked all her books so far Usually I think that in these series you have to give them a few books to see if they're really going to be good Susan Spann has been great from the beginning I think she got some off information in this book which really created some speed bumps for my reading like Samurai wearing their swords on their backs sticking up like tails Otherwise I loved this book

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    This 3rd book in the series was really good I like this series and There is some good connection with characters in the 1st book but I notice is that a there is no pattern for the who did it; and b the historical intricacies definitely heighten the tension I finished the book in 2 evening readings It was that good that it was worth it I can't wait for the next books in the series

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Icious debt collector and a female moneylender join Ginjiro and the victim's spendthrift son on the suspect list But with Kyoto on alert in the wake of the shogun's recent death a rival shinobi on the prowl and samurai threatening Hiro and Father Mateo at every turn Ginjiro's life is not the only one in dangerWill Hiro a I absolutely love the dynamic between Hiro a shinobininja and Father Mateo a Portuguese priest in f Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook prowl and samurai threatening Hiro and Father Mateo at every turn Ginjiro's life is not the only one in dangerWill Hiro a I absolutely love the dynamic between Hiro a shinobininja and Father Mateo a Portuguese Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience priest in f

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August 1565 When a rival artisan turns up dead outside Ginjiro's brewery and all the evidence implicates the brewer master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo must find the killer before the magistrate executes Ginjiro and seizes the brewery leaving his wife and daughter destitute A missing merchant a v Rating 455The author brings Japanese history its customs and politics to life in this series and in Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience politics to life in this series and in

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Nd Father Mateo unravel the clues in time to save Ginjiro's life or will the shadows gathering over Kyoto consume the detectives as well as the brewerFlask of the Drunken Master is the latest entry in Susan Spann's thrilling 16th century Japanese mystery series featuring ninja detective Hiro Hattori and Jesuit Father Mat The story is really good I've liked all her books so far Usually I think that in these series you h