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Ing him But when Ross began to desire the winsome maiden he knew no matter what the cost he would never betray her Catlyn had once paid a high price for trusting a man Still the barely leashed power in Ro.

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Ss's sizzling blue eyes played havoc with her senses and she longed to be the untamed rogue's lady until she learned that the man whom she trusted for protection was no than a pawn for her deadliest enemy.

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TAMINGTheLION Sutherland Honour Lay In His Hands Ross Sutherland had one last hope to save his estates and it meant stealing from Lady Catlyn Boyd Yet he had no choice for their common enemy was blackmail.

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    Ross Sutherland gets rip roaring drunk and wakes up to find he's signed away his castle and his heritage and is being blackmailed to get it back He has to cozy up to Lady Catlyn Boyd so he can steal her recipe for whiskey the livelihood of her clan Only he finds that it's uite difficult to betray her since he respects and admires her so muchand the lies between them also mean that he cannot honorably act on the attraction simmering between them Ross soon finds out that he's being set up; it isn't the secret to the whiskey that the blackmailer wants but the keep and the distillery itself And he plans to take it by force So Ross must do everything he can to protect Catlyn her clan and its livelihood But he wonders if she will ever be able to forgive him when she finds out his part in all of itThis was a fairly average book This is clearly a very solid author who tells a good story Catlyn was a little bit frustrating with her pride but I have seen WAY worse in the world of historical romance Ross Sutherland was good people who in no way fought the feelings he was developing for Catlyn nor was he ashamed by expressing or feeling his unmasculine love for the heroine That was refreshing This author is clearly one for delaying the HEA she did it in the last story giving some reason for the heroine to not be completely happy for an extended time before the epilogue She does it here too The hero and the heroine first get a sort of HEA for a couple of weeks and live on rather uncertainly before the final HEA comes around I wasn't so fond of Eoin nor was I supposed to I think But after he was an ass for so much of the book I didn't want to forgive him despite his supposed turn around I thought Ross was way too easy on him

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    This concluding volume in the CarmichaelSutherland medieval series deals with a classic Scottish icon Scotch whiskey Catlyn Boyd’s clan has a superior recipe which her con man neighbor wants by any means He blackmails Ross Sutherland into attempting to get him the recipe However as Ross gets to know Catlyn and uncovers the true motives of her enemy things change This was another good tale by Barclay but did not have a feel like a series was ending When I looked to see if there might have been I missed I found that Ms Barclay passed away in 1999 the year this was published A definite loss

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