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The Hills of Hebron (Drumbeat Novel)

review The Hills of Hebron (Drumbeat Novel)

Written in the late 1950s on the cusp of Jamaica’s independence from Britain The Hills of Hebron tells the story of a group of formerly enslaved Jamaicans as they attempt to create a new life and assert themselves against the col. #RWLChallenge A classic written by a person of colourIt took me very long time to get into this but it was worth itI like the story that Wynter told but was overwhelmed by the use of literary devices At points it bordered on flowerly which made it difficult to understand Would defintely recommend for a women's literature class or book club

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Onial power Strongly anti colonial the novel depicts Hebron as a Revivalist community embracing Afro Caribbean religious practices and gives voice to the social forces of that period in Jamaican and Caribbean history Based on the e. The back of this book claims it's The first of its kind The highly academic introduction talks about how Wynter fits into a radical anti colonial tradition The cover of the novel makes it look like a textbook All of this made me skeptical For as much as I appreciate the academic anti colonial tradition and those who are the 'first' of their kind these factors don't always make for great stories for complex and beautiful art But this is complex and beautiful art This is a great novel full of layered meanings and layered characters It's full of heartbreak and just a few rays of hope It's full of people who are like real people a bit nutty kind and unkind at once It's an anti colonial book absolutely but a very human book too In short I think wrapping this book in descriptions of how it fits into a larger political and artistic movement downplays just how great it is on its own as a piece of art Or maybe I just too readily judged a book by its cover Classic mistake

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Arly twentieth century Bedwardism movement a revivalist group led by Alexander Bedward The Hills of Hebron was one of the first attempts to present the lives of black Jamaicans not as colonial subjects but as independent human bein. Mesmerizing journey to late colonial Jamaica where a colony of New Believers strives to build a paradise on earth They follow their leader Moses who believes in a black god and seeks his own crucifixion to return to his Father Haunting tragic ultimately redemptive Wynter creates a world and characters full of life Her descriptive powers are extraordinary