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    Only 099 today at US 5119I'm going to Meryl Streep the CRAP out of this review OMG guys Like for realI read Tell Me It's Real almost exactly three years ago Almost to the day It was my first TJ Klune book and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into I made the unfortunate fortunate?? mistake of reading Tell Me It's Real on an airplane and I laughed so hard that I snorted coffee out of my nose while crammed in a coach seat between my husband and a stranger I'm a very classy lady I knowThis time around was probably going to be different I thought I prepped myself to not get my expectations up too high I mean I've read a LOT of books between then and now and sometimes TJ's books can get a little OTT for me So I started reading The ueen the Homo Jock King casually with minimal expectations yeah right But then it hit me I looked at WHERE I was reading IT WAS MEANT TO BEEEEEEEEEEThis book was one delicious cracked out treat And I ADORED itIf you didn't like the first book don't even think about reading this one It is just as crazy hilarious and insane as the first and I mean that in the best possible way We get conversations with Nana and Paul's parents love them uncomfortable foot in mouth moments and Sandy than ever before The plot was pretty nonsensical but I honestly couldn't have cared less It was touching sexy yes we get the sexiest TJ Klune sex scene to date but you have to wait until the end for it and completely memorable I didn't burn my nostrils with coffee this time but I kind of wanted to because it was so good And we get all of that PLUS DRAG UEENSI couldn't get enough of Helena Handbasket and I loved how she made Darren wait for it Their relationship was full of sexual tension and it was slow burny enough to satisfy me This series has a total soft spot in my heart I thought that the length was perfect though it is really long and I didn't think that it was too unfocused or that too much time was spent on side characters It was that uniue blend of utterly hilarious and totally heartfelt that only TJ Klune can pull off If you were a fan of Tell Me It's Real run don't walk to buy this one Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

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    Updated 8116The audiobook narrated by the fabulous Michael Lesley he of Tell Met It's Real and The Lightning Struck Heart has been released as of today I hope you're ready to hear the ueen and Homo Jock King brought to life Michael will again show you why he is one of the absolute best narrators in MM today yes I am biased because of my adoration of him I mean come on He's Gary for fuck's sake ueen has arrived Dreamspinner Romance 21316 Sandy and Paul's Gay Porno Adventure an original 3K word story set in the world of Tell Me It’s Real and the upcoming seuel The ueen the Homo Jock King

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    Okay remember that one time when you heard about that one thing that was just all the fuck over the place and half the time you had no idea which end was even up? But it was just so much fun and chock full of awesome? Meet That Thing In book formOh yeah this book goes there Then it backs off for a couple of minutes then it goes right the hell back again And I loved it Did the story feel laser focused? Fuck no hardly This isn't that book It's full of rambley blurty goodness that pretty much doesn't stopThe basic premise of the story is this Darren and Vince's asshole homophobic mayor of a father is trying to shut down the gay bar where Sandy as Helena Handbasket performs her drag showsSandy and Darren fake date hiding their feelings for the majority of the book then finally get over themselves working to save the gay bar and feed crack babies in the process Yep it's a bit out there Well not compared to a dragon rimming a unicorn no but still Pretty whack a doo as plot lines goBut it just works because it's TJ's twisted mind tossing his uniue flavor of ' special' all over the pages And I say that with nothing but lurve you know that TJTo uote Darren “ Wait what?” I'd laugh and laugh and laugh then there it was “ Wait what?” Then I'd be snickering uncontrollably AgainDarren Some of my favorite parts of the book included SandyHelena's evil glares and death threats Epic Paul being a fiercely loyal BFF Vince pouting Sandy's morning after brunch Sandy's incestuous 3 way and how she and Paul reacted to it Priceless BRIAN SO MUCH BRIAN just God Bacon because reasons And who doesn't love bacon right? Izaac's nipples Biff Chet and Xerxes Good Cop Bad Cop Corrupt Cop Bathroom crack Twitchy meltdowns Octavius the foot long sandwich model The feeling that I got riiiiight before I read Meep on the page “ Are you just listing things?” Why yes Yes I am Sweet Jesus it just never really stopped I shit you notPlus as a bit of an added bonus this one contains what I think is the hottest PORNY SMUT that I've ever seen TJ put on page Yes there was only really one sexy scene in the entire book but fuck me this was THE motherfucking scene And the restaurant dumpster scene My only slight niggle was that for the book to have been about SandyHelena and Darren I would've liked a bit on page time with Darren Maybe even get in his head for a bit This one was fun and fucked up and oh so out there that if you forget to take your ADD meds beforehand you'll be utterly and hopelessly fucked Not that you'll mindI'm sure this story would drive some to drink but not me Another seuel? Maybe Biff Chet and Xerxes fall in love hawt and adopt Ecuadorian rug rats awww? Sure why the hell not? If TJ is writing it color me there If you're a fan of TJ's patented brand of What the ever lovin' fuck was that? with hands gesturing furiously then I suspect that you'll absolutely adore this one tooOverall the story ranks a very solid 45 word boner stars for me My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair unbiased review

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    Warning Gratuitous gifs ahead I'm obsessed with the At First Sight series and The ueen the Homo Jock King is one of my comfort reads It is pure FUN just outlandish ridiculous yet insanely heartfelt FUN It strikes the perfect balance for me and this book and Tell Me It's Real are my go tos when I'm feeling down I won't fully recap the book because I've reviewed it before check out my original review here but I will say that it is a story for lovers of the style of Tell Me It's Real If you like a slow burn love story that is full one one liners characters exploding with personality and sexual tension like WOAH then you MUST read this series However because this series is so near and dear to me I avoided the audiobooks for a long time I am a huge audio lover but sometimes an imperfect narrator will ruin a favorite book of mine and the book is never the same again for me And I actually get MAD about that and I kick myself for spoiling something that I loved However there was a TON of buzz around this series in audio and I decided to dip my toe in with Tell Me It's Real And truthfully Michael Lesley simply crushed it just absolutely owned that narration and so I decided to take a chance and move on with the seriesBetween listening to TMiR and TatHJK I met Michael Lesley in person and I was a teeny tiny bit worried that meeting him would ruin my ability to get into the story I was concerned that I would picture Michael Lesley talking instead of say Helena which would be a bummer Honestly I shouldn't have worried because Michael Lesley so thoroughly throws himself into each character that it is hard to picture anyone but the characters themselves talking His voices were DIVINE Simply inspired and I don't say that lightly I can't picture anyone else reading those voices and the fact that TJ Klune picked him was pure fate The audio is long and insane in the best way I knew it would be Don't read this book if you don't want to experience a fabulous ueen who is than just a diva BFFs who will dress in disguise for their friends Nanas with floggers old people exploring their sexual preferences and some very interesting sex in some very interesting locations However if you love TJ Klune and I know you do then you MUST check this audiobook out You'll thank me later Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    First things first We need to address the somehow not cute elephant in the room How is an elephant not cute? Probably because it was hired by the same people who made the decisions on the book covers for this series You know the blind This one isn't even half as bad as the first one but still Come on man Anything is better than these terrible photos of average to unattractive people on your book covers Anything at allHolyshitt My eyes Okay I stand correctedThis is another male male romance by TJ Klune who I am now obsessed with I'm sure that is exactly what this author was looking for while writing middle aged married housewife fan girls If so he has succeeded Well done sirThis book is second in a series with hilarious gay men who are snarky and make me laugh hard enough to spew milk out of my nose if I drank milk But I don't Milk is gross Unless it is an ingredient in ice cream keep that cow excretion away from me Far awayOur hero is Sandy who is also a drag ueen by the name of Helena Handbasket He is fierce and demands everyone to bow to his orders including the other drag ueens at the gay bar This show will go off perfectly as it always has Are we clear?Yes the ueens saidGood and what do I always say?They spoke as one If I ever catch you performing 'Let It Go' from Frozen I'll castrate you and feed your dicks to some horsesI clapped my hands together Isn't this just so much fun? I want to be Helena when I grow up I don't get that level of respect from my kidsSo Sandy had a bad experience with a jock Darren a few years back and has hated him ever since Darren however seems to be in secret love with Sandy Through a truly stupid situation they do the whole fake boyfriend thing It's funny ridiculous and OTT I loved it At one point they go on a date to a restaurant and meet a waiter that was a great comedic element in the first book Santiago They are with the last couple Paul and Vince and Santiago has a thing for Vince This means that he treats Paul well Santiago the greatest waiter everVincent? What would you like to drink?Vince I'll have a mango margaritaSantiago TGWE One mango margarita for mi corazon Father accountant? What he calls Paul We don't make drinks out of bread and butter I suppose I could bring you a gravy boat if you'd likePaul he's a little chubby You bitch I'll have the same as VincentSantiago TGWE One Diet Coke hold the ice you got it good life choice Should I point out the heart healthy items on the menu? You look like you have a high sodium intake In case you were wondering no this isn't one of those restaurants where the waiters are super rude to you and people actually line up to go there because they secretly hate themselves or are masochists or whateveryeah I don't think I'll go there until I'm ready to retire in a nice uiet prison cellBut bitchy waiters in bookland? I love itThis book is filled with hilarity snark and sex It is not for the faint of heart but definitely for those who love the funny and gay romance I didn't read too much in this genre before but I am becoming a huge fan I don't get as many book boyfriends out of it but I get tons of crazy outburst laughing and that's almost as good

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    45 Stars Classic Klune and when I say such I mean fucking ingenious humor that comes out of nowhere and bitch slaps you with the audacity ridiculousness and the honest truth The guy has no shame and neither do his charactersThere are so many fabulous things to love despite this toeing really going over the line on miscommunication and separation by years It’s a testament that Klune can do this to me and not make me overly upset by it Darren surprisingly threw me for a loop He’s no Otter honey no one is but he’s uite the sexy beast and I was shocked by my reaction to him No complaints there tho Nope Vince comes in as a close second as the most loveable smartest clueless wonder of a human being The guy is comedy goldObviously this was another win and I look forward to the not destination wedding at a horse farm Oh just start the series if you haven’t already

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    Audio reviewI've never been into audio books I never felt that they could bring the story and characters to life the same way as reading the book would I'd started a couple and set them aside Then after a couple years I tried Wolfsong and loved it I decided to try this audio in preparation of Until You's release Best Decision Ever Michael LesleyYou brought these characters to life It was truly amazing and hysterical to listen to If you're a non audio person like I was give this a try I recommend this enough 5 stars TJ KluneThis book wasThere are things that I expect that Klune ALWAYS deliversGreat character development ✔Snarky hilarious dialogue ✔ Outstanding relationship development ✔ King of Slow Burn anyone? Helena Handbasket Darren there's nothing better than sexual tension build up and the payout for waiting was the best TJ'S writtenThe best cast of characters main and secondary ✔And Wookie face ✔ Don't worry about this bit too much though He took it easy on us and didn't make us ugly cry And this book delivered There's nothing better than getting lost with a group of characters that you adore it feels like going home and that's exactly how I felt As far as this being book two in the series you definitely should read book one first That book is freakin' awesome so you'll be the better for reading it anyhow ;This book gets 5 This Seuel Is Not To Be Missed Stars TJ Klune is a master of his craft and like a great wine just keeps getting better and betterPS I've said before and I'll say again someone please make this man's books into movies ARC kindly provided by Dreamspinner Press to Gay Book Reviews for an honest review

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    45ish StarsYou guys This book should come with a warning Seriously Maybe something that warns against all liuids food and operating heavy machinery while readinglistening to this book I don't think I've ever laughed as hard while listeningreading a book like I did for this one I was driving along the interstate listening to this audio happily sipping my Starbucks while driving my daughter to the zoo and holyyyyy shit the opening scene almost caused me to drive off the road while simultaneously spitting coffee all over my car and a tad up my nose burn I'm not even being dramatic it was that funny and that dangerous That's pretty much what all my notes are about tooSo funnyFunny AFStraight up tears from laughing so hardSee?Let's talk audio The narration by Michael Lesley was AMAZING I didn't partake for the first smh but I LOVE the life he breathed into the main and secondary characters It was the first time I wanted to turn on the audio to hear a scene I had just read I do a hybrid of kindle audio So GoodAll my fan girling aside I had heart eyes for HelenaSandy Darren I was dying a slow death just waiting for them to finally make a freaking move' That's where the ish in my rating comes in It could swing to 5 stars or head down to 425 stars depending on what I focus on I really like slow burn but I felt like I had blue balls figuratively speaking of course for 90% of the story Seriously 90% because they didn't really kiss until right about then It was cruel and unusual punishment to have that much scorching chemistry between characters and then nothing Nada Zilch Zero A sexless kissless touchless desert for much of the book pouting Don't worry the blue balls were eventually rectified by Sandy and Darren but goodnessssss patience isn't my virtueThe humor is OTT and might not be for everyone But I hope you give it a try and get ready for some laughs Definitely recommend this series provided for honest review

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    45 StarsI have expectations of a TJ Klune novel It must be funny it should have some emotions tucked into it too and above all it should be written so I can devour it uickly thoroughly enjoying every turn of the pageThis had the potential to go either really wrong or really right Luckily my faith in TJ Klune remains unblemished because this was totally rightI love the humor the feels though I was a little surprised I didn't get hit with wookie cry face and the way Klune handles bringing back some of my favorite charactersSandy is of course fierce and divine and hot mess and wonderful I felt something like fire bloom within me It was strength and passion and the urge to become something than what I already wasIt was another momentShe’d given it to me whether she knew it or notAnd I was going to run with it as fast as I couldIt felt good having the decision made“I’m going to be a fucking drag ueen” I said in awe“Oh sweat balls” Paul sighed Paul and Vince Matty and Larry Auster Nanathey're all back and in rare form Some of the text conversations and interactions in this storySo Freaking FunnyThere's some miscommunication which drives me up a wall but it works here for the most part and shows how well it's written that I didn't want to chuck my Kindle through a window I especially loved how Sandy handles the whole seduction of Darren Mayne Homo Jock King It's brilliant and funny and had me snort laughing until it was hard to breatheIn the end the whole thing is deliciously well done and if you are a fan of Tell Me It's Real you will not be disappointed in this “I remember” he said as he began to wipe away Helena “the first time I saw you”I did too something seared into my memory but it wasn’t about me right then“You were this fierce thing” he said moving the wipe to my left eye pressing carefully to the eyelid “Tall and gorgeous and fucking bitchy as all hell” He set the wipe down behind me and then pulled out another He started in on the other eye “And I didn’t think I’d ever seen anything as amazing as you before”My throat clicked audibly as I wondered where this was leading to Because he was talking about Helena not me“You were with Paul” he continued “Though I didn’t know who he was at the time All I wanted to do was find out who you were”He finished with my eyes and used another wipe on my cheeks My lips though there wasn’t much lipstick leftHe didn’t say much until he’d finished By the time he sat back my skin felt raw and my heart was tripping all over itself in my chest“And then you disappeared” he said “But you came back As her”I frozeHe sighed and took my hands in his “You were Sandy when I first saw you” he said sueezing my fingers “You were Helena when I saw you again” Highly Recommended Advanced Review Galley copy of The ueen the Homo Jock King provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book ReviewsMichael Lesley is back I absolutely love him voicing these characters His character voices are terrific his comedic timing is fabulous and his performance is fierceMichael's performance reminds me of the old radio shows before television and movies became popular This is a full performance If you loved Tell Me It's Real you'll love this one as well It's brilliant and funny and had me snort laughing until it was hard to breatheIf you've listened to Michael Lesley's performance of Tell Me It's Real then you know you are going to laugh your ass off If you haven't then what the hell are you waiting for? GO Go buy it right now And definitely pick this up while you're at itNow go

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    45 StarsWhat is there to even say really? If you’ve read Klune’s stories you know what kind of brilliance to expect brilliance in the writing uality and the overall genius of the storytelling; brilliance in the creation of memorable characters that you uickly come to treasure and adore; brilliance in the level of hilarity present the kind that has you giggle snorting inappropriately in public places; brilliance in the depth and range of emotions elicited often leaving you an emotional wreck in the best possible ways; and definitely brilliance in the development of each slow burn romance that easily holds you captivated and has your heart exploding in happiness by the time you turn that final page Yep that kind of brilliance So to sum up this story was fantastic as usual Go read it The end

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D sich auch niemals ändern Sagt er sich jedenfalls Erst als der Besitzer des Jack It – dem Club in dem Sandy als Drag ueen Helena Handbasket auftritt – ihn verzweifelt um Hilfe bittet erkennt Sandy dass er seine wenig schmeichelhaften Gefühle für Darren vorläufig zurückstellen muss Weil das Jack It geschlossen wird wenn nicht jeman. Warning Gratuitous gifs ahead I'm obsessed with the At First Matthew Everingham, A First Fleeter And His Times in dem Sandy als Drag ueen Helena Handbasket auftritt – بیست و چهار ساعت در خواب و بیداری ihn verzweifelt um Hilfe bittet erkennt Sandy dass er seine wenig schmeichelhaften Gefühle für Darren vorläufig zurückstellen muss Weil das Jack It geschlossen wird wenn nicht jeman. Warning Gratuitous gifs ahead I'm obsessed with the At First

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Glaubt ihr an Liebe auf den ersten Blick Sanford Stewart jedenfalls glaubt nicht daran Um ehrlich zu sein er glaubt an das genaue Gegenteil Dank dem Homo Jock King Es scheint als hätte Darren Mayne nur ein Ziel im Leben – nämlich Chaos in Sandys perfekt organisiertes Leben zu bringen nur um ihn zu ärgern Sandy verachtet ihn und das wir. Only 099 today at US 5119I'm going to Meryl Streep the CRAP Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans ihr an Liebe auf den ersten Blick Sanford Stewart jedenfalls glaubt nicht daran Um ehrlich zu sein er glaubt an das genaue Gegenteil Dank dem Homo Jock King Es scheint als hätte Darren Mayne nur ein Ziel Lords of Misrule: Mardi Gras and the Politics of Race in New Orleans im Leben – nämlich Chaos The Miracle Match: Chappell, Lillee, Richards and the most electric moment in Australian Cricket in Sandys perfekt organisiertes Leben zu bringen nur um The Dreadlock Journey ihn zu ärgern Sandy verachtet Lunastus ihn und das wir. Only 099 today at US 5119I'm going to Meryl Streep the CRAP

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D Andrew Taylor den Bürgermeister von Tucson davon überzeugen kann den Mietvertrag zu verlängern Jemand wie Darren der uneheliche Sohn des Bürgermeisters Der Plan ist absolut narrensicher Darren verführen und ihn dazu überreden sich bei seinem Vater für eine Verlängerung des Vertrags mit der Stadt einzusetzen Ganz einfach oder Falsc. Audio reviewI've never been into audio books I never felt tha