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    I am disappointed that this is listed as a trilogy Hopefully that changes This series has the potential for so much I wish that instead of intertwining Libby and Payton's story that they would have each gotten their own Plus I am interested to find out what happens with Noah now that he has set out on his own I think it would be great for Payton and Avery if she was having his baby Also I really want to know what happens with the rest of the Easton boys I hope that it expands and becomes its own series

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    As usual Ms Scott wrote another great romancemenage story I just love the way she thinks ; Will they survive the fire attack on them? Payton Avery Dylan's story continues with them surviving the attack from Marla Michael Is everyone ok? Can Libby Trey figure out what is going on with their relationshipI hope Ms Scott's health improves Goddess Bless

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    DisappointingI've eagerly anticipated this book as I have all of Scott's books This one fell short for me It felt rushed and lacked her usual luster Even the sex scenes while still hot didn't seem up to her usual smokin' standard I'm disappointed While I appreciate everybody's HEA it was all wrapped up in a tidy bow really fast

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Sarasota Bride Sarasota Sin #3

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Fe Will Payton’s best friend succumb to the darkly uestionable Trey Easton or will a horror from their shared history send him running

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The seuel to Sarasota Revenge Sarasota Bride is the final book in the Level 69 Trilogy When Payton Calloway accepted a relationship with

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Avery and Dylan Easton for better or for worse took on a whole new meaning Can the trio forge on and seal their fate as husbands and wi