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The Heart of Christmas

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O wonder Abby calls him St NickNick has a proposition for Abby one he thinks will benefit them both He persuades her to work at a home he's established for pregnant teens girls who'll be giving up their babies for adoptionThat's where Abby learns she has. Love this one

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This Christmas she's got her very own St NickWith her business sold and her family out of reach Abby Hayden's at loose endsBut if Abby doesn't have enough to occupy her time Dr Nick McIntrye has too much So many people rely on him for help and guidance N. The Heart of Ch

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A special gift she knows how to make these girls feel loved and valued despite their mistakes despite their fears and lost confidence And she receives a special gift herself her very own St Nick Not just this Christmas but for all the Christmases to com. I read the nove