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Spring Storm


Nly's wealthy but tongue tied admirer Arthur Shannon and the repressed librarian Hertha Nielson who loves Arthur are archetypes of characters we will meet again and again in the Williams canon Epic in scope a bit melodramatic in execution tragic in outcome Spring Storm created a wave of excitement among theatre insiders when it was given a staged reading at The Ensemble Studio Theatre's Octoberfest '96 This edition has been prepared with an illuminating introduction by Dan Isaac who initiated the Octoberfest production. Really great play the first I’ve read of Tennessee Williams Clearly socially outdated it was uniue to see Heavenly written with such agency and original thought I’m excited to dig deeper into his career


When Tennessee Williams read Spring Storm aloud to his playwriting class at the University of Iowa in 1938 he was met with silence and embarrassment His professor the renowned E C Mabie remarked as he got up and dismissed the seminar Well we all have to paint our nudes Tom's earlier comment in his journal that the play is well constructed no social propaganda and is suitable for the commercial stage seems accurate enough in 1999 but woefully naive deep in the Depression when the play's sexual explicitness particularly. It was a really great experience to reread this after eight years or so It remains one of my favourite plays although there were a few problematic aspects I'm not sure I'd noticed as a younger readerwatcher I love the creation of the characters the situations and the exploration of 1930s Southern American society I highly recommend this play


Its matter of fact acceptance of a woman's right to her own sexuality would have been seen as not only shocking but also politically radical Spring Storm would later be disavowed by the author as simply a study of Sex a blind animal urge or force like the regenerative force of April gripping four lives and leading them into a tangle of cruel and ugly relationsBut the solid and deft characterizations of the four young people whose lives intertwine the sexually alive Heavenly Critchfield her earthy lover Dick Miles Heave. Very dated period piece Not among the best of Tennessee Williams' writings It reads something like the 6th form would put on for a Parents' Night to show how sophisticated they were The penultimate event view spoiler the past her sell by date librarian who is introduced late in the play as in love with one of the two male characters gets used and discarded In a fit of unreuited love or some other damn fool reason she kills herself hide spoiler

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About the Author: Tennessee Williams

Thomas Lanier Williams III better known by the nickname Tennessee Williams was a major American playwright of the twentieth century who received many of the top theatrical awards for his work He moved to New Orleans in 1939 and changed his name to Tennessee the state of his father's birth Raised in St Louis Missouri after years of obscurity at age 33 he became famous with the success of