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  • Pyramids
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  • 03 August 2019
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Aoh after his father’s sudden death It's bad enough being new on the job but Teppic hasn't a clue as to what a pharaoh is supposed to do First there's the monumental task of building a suitable resting place for Dad a pyramid to end all pyramids Then there are the myr. The desert kingdom of Djelibeybi is THE country to get yourself the ultimate eternal resting place Boasting a history of thousands of years its kings and ueens had ample time to pepper the shore of the river Djel with pyramids of various sizes Of course such an endeavor is not exactly cheap and unsurprisingly the entire kingdom is neck deep in debtIt is now up to 12 year old crown prince Pteppic to save the country He was signed up at the prestigious Assassin's Guild in far off Ankh Morpork to become a certified assassin provided of course he can survive the grueling trainingPyramids had a lot of potential as a concept and to his credit sir Terry Pratchett really tried to cover as much of Egyptian history and customs as possible and therein lies the problemThe first part my favorite mainly covers Pteppic's assassin training We learn a lot about the customs of the Assassins' Guild about the type of people who'd enlist for training not to mention the extremely difficult graduation exam So an excellent treat for anyone wishing for Discworld world buildingThe second part focuses on Pteppic's life back in Djelibeybi as he tries to adapt again to life at home sans the modern comforts of Ankh Morpork such as plumbing I was torn between humor and genuine sadness when he finds out just how powerless a king is in his countryThe third and final part details the supernatural adventures of Pteppic and Ptracy while trying to save the kingdom from all its legends and beliefs This was the place where my patience became rather thin and my close to non existent attention span began to take a hike Sore 35 stars A very good starting point but lost in a much too convoluted storylineFor those of you hoping to encounter one of your favorite Discworld characters choose another book unless you're happy with a minor guest appearance from Death In theory there should be something for almost everyone in this book Cramming ancient Mythology History and Mathematics in less 350 pages is not the best way to go about it though

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Iad administrative duties such as dealing with mad priests sacred crocodiles and marching mummies And to top it all off the adolescent pharaoh discovers deceit betrayal not to mention a headstrong handmaiden at the heart of his realmSometimes being a god is no fun at al. This seventh Discworld novel is for once divided into three partsThe first part The Book of Going Forth tells the story of the main character Pteppic I'm reminded of the German word Teppich which means carpet He is the son of the ruler of the desert country of Djelibeybi the Discworld euivalent of Egypt but because his mother insisted on a foreign education before her death he spent most of his years at Ankh Morpork's Assassin's GuildThe second part The Book of the Dead takes the reader and Pteppic back to Pteppic's home country after his father's death where he become's the new king pharaoh We learn about Djelibeybi's culture and beliefsThe third and final part The Book of the New Son details Pteppic's and Ptraci's uest to undo the problems from the gigantic pyramid and putting everything back in order The story itself was not as laugh out loud funny as the ones about the witches or Death but the very sarcastic and ironic view on Egyptology culture and mythology of Ancient Egypt was immense fun nonetheless I suppose because I always liked anything to do with Ancient Egypt so much Naturally since this is Terry Pratchett he also talks about all manner of other topics from religion and the power of belief to tradition vs reform antiue and modern concepts the role of women in all of that although only lightly here and education in all its formsWhat stands out here is the amount of clever puns and twists on well known stories from our world The puns are not only used to explain phenomena on the Discworld but are even used as names of characters like IIb which spells as to be and is the name of the eldest son of Ptaclusp who is of course destined to become his father's successor his younger brother is called IIa So while the book has a straight forward story as usual for Pratchett's Discworld it's about what the story is used to explore in the author's trademark humour which isn't for everyone but I love it

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Pyramids is the seventh book in the award winning comic fantasy Discworld series by Terry PratchettIn Pyramids you'll discover the tale of Teppic a student at the Assassin’s Guild of Ankh Morpok and prince of the tiny kingdom of Djelibeybi thrust into the role of phar. Conservatives vs progressives was even in this version of ancient Egypt a hot topic and Pratchett ridicules the arguments of antiuated minds by exaggerating their prime goals and authorities in generalIt´s never bad for craftsmen to organize in guilds or unions and if the specialization is something not as mainstream as wood and metalwork but let´s say different forms of working with living material it gives the whole idea potential for satirizing the strange bureaucracy of the political apparatus If robbers assassins smugglers prostitutes all have their accepted democratic councils and can influence legislation and jurisdiction the manifold interests and manipulations that are forming the processes in real life can be shown in a new lightMadness in the form of prestige buildings world wonders costing the lives of tens of thousands and have such a fascination for humans that we may keep building them forever no matter what a waste of time resources and money it is Bloody old temples and pyramids but the modern skyscrapers for which instead endless amounts of standard houses could be built speak a similar languageAnd it doesn´t stop with that it stays in Western countries mostly just metaphorical dirty and gritty but not in the third world and in the ancient times nothing could be fun than sacrificing and killing to ensure that the Gods are happy and willing to help the wise ruler Who befitting his rank needed of course vast amounts of undead zombie servants mistresses court jesters to have a good afterlife Not to forget all the ones who didn´t already die as slave workers while constructing the monument tourists love to visit today but were specialists building the treasure chambers and needed special treatments to ensure that they stayed silent and didn´t give away the secret of the exact location or where the Indiana Jones style pitfalls rolling stones murder holes mystical paranormal bioweapons etc are hidden Just as the architects the soldiers killing the workers and the architects the soldiers killing the soldiers difficult to keep track of such things one ought have a good coordinator And kill herhim And his family and friends in the style of ancient Asia until the seventh grade of acuaintance piling one or two extra layers of corpses onto the dark poisonous wedding cake of insanity and greedToday all is subtle politically correct greenwashed bigoted corporate responsible dishonest code of conducty PR fine tuned state media approved but if I see a headuarter of a company bank public buildings seat of governments and ministries hotels I imagine the environmental destruction neocolonialism suffering neoconservatism neoliberalism exploitation leading to superpowerful states able to construct such useless monuments of oldfashioned thinking of nationality patriotism and megalomaniaOne of the rare cases that Pratchett uses a bit of theoretical hard science as a plot element may be a reminiscence of some of his first attempts at writing including some Sci Fi ideas It´s used to show that it may be disillusioning and frustrating to meet the idols of ones´ time be it different physically manifested ancient deities or possibly stars and politicians nowadays Exceptions are authors of course they are all admirable and epicI find this one of the funniest early works showing that Pratchett trained his muscles enough and is coming closer and closer to ingenuity and uniue telling talent From now on each book is a total must read except of the later ones which turn dark and are sometimes so different that it may be difficult to find traces of Pratchetts´early lighthearted exceptionally funny writing in them And I don´t mean a bit sad or something I mean depressingly and frustratingly showing the darkest sides of humankind in pictures ineradicable out of the readers´ mindview spoiler I want to have an always listening sympathetic professional paid opportunist too Someone who can bear my monologues without impolite expressions of own opinions or in general saying anything unasked and unauthorized instead of just acclaiming as it should be hide spoiler

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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i