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    So cute A great introduction to gender for young kids I loved the artwork which is done by a non binary illustrator and the words are written by the parent of a trans child It includes two non binary characters ones who feels like both a boy and a girl and one who doesn't feel like either Very simple clear and gentle with adorable illustrations showing a variety of characters with different gender expressions Also includes a list of resources in the back

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    This is going to be on every banned and challenged list out there Seems accessible to kids and could help parents Extra material at the end for parental use It won't change your mind on the subject but might give you a language to use

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    This book introduces the concept of gender identity to children explaining the typical terminology that children will encounter in today's society but despite its good intentions gentle approach and message of acceptance it's likely to confuse kids than it consoles This book provides no real explanation or context for what gender means why it is significant to people or why anyone would feel a need to identify as something other than their sex at birth The weirdest thing about this book is how it's like Rosie's parents thought she was a girl but she's actually a boy without explaining what either of those words mean or why these concepts are significant in society Even if you firmly believe that gender is an imaginary concept without real implications for life you still have to explain to children what the words boy and girl have always meant and why they are such strong identifiers that someone would find it important to reject their initial label If one page had said George identifies as a sunflower this would have been consistent with the whole approach This book throws around gender terminology without grounding it in any meaning or context and I can imagine a child reading this and thinking Oh I'm going to be a boy today without having any idea what it actually means to be gender nonconforming Worse the book never addresses the issue of stereotypes I don't wear makeup paint my nails wear fashionable clothes or own a closet full of shoes but that does not diminish the degree to which I am a girl Because this book completely neglects to mention that many people are happy with their gender identities from birth while still pursuing interests and self expression outside of socially prescribed stereotypes it's going to confuse a lot of kids causing them to uestion their gender identity when they really just need the message that girls can play with trucks too or that boys can take balletBecause this book provides no rationale or explanation for why someone would reject their original gender identification it throws around adult language and concepts in a way that a child is unlikely to understand without intensive parental guidance or existing life experiences with gender nonconforming family members or friends The back of this book provides additional information terminology and talking points for parents to explore but even there the author never models how to define gender itself or how to encourage children to see past meaningless stereotypes without assuming that they are transgender This book is woefully inadeuate and I'm glad that it didn't exist to confuse me when I was a child I spent enough time struggling to figure out my identity without people telling me that I must be a boy

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    Love love love this illustrator's art Colorful vibrant fun It is a great fit for this book about gender identity

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    wow i fucking love this stunning stunning illustrations ugh the watercolours the line work the texture UGH i love words are of course super important too the whole thing is so beautiful inside and out and makes me feel THINGS

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    Age Kindergarten 3rd gradeIdentity Nonbinary Transgender illustratorA simplified straight forward approach to explaining gender identity to the little ones Via fictionalized children Thorn presents transgender cisgendered non binary gender fluid and gender identities that cannot be captured in words There is a lot of information to digest but Thorn is reassuring repetitive and connects with the audience through youryou pronouns Although the societal process of mis gendering is complex and tangled Thorn simplifies it for children by saying When you were born you couldn't tell people who you were or how you felt They looked at you and made a guess Maybe they got it right maybe they got it wrongAs adults history and research and our own experience have revealed the complexity of gender identity but Thorn normalizes it for modern day children Children are invited to examine their own gender identity as easily as they examine their favorite color or food A great step forward for a new generation of introspective self loving open minded people

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    God bless this bookIt's a little teachy but the illustrations are colorful and the text is fairly simpleIt introduces kids to concepts around gender identity and here's the part where I was all God bless this bookSee when you were born you couldn't tell people who you were or how you felt They looked at you and made a guess Maybe they got it right maybe they got it wrongWhat a baby's body looks like when they're born can be a clue to what the baby's gender will be but not alwaysWhen people guess wrong it's okay to let them know Ruthie was five when she told her parentsspeech bubble I know you think I'm a boy but really I feel like a girlOops Ruthie was a girl all along they just didn't know it at firstWhen people guess right it's also okay to let them knowXavier was three and a half when he told his familyspeech bubble I'm a boy I like being a boyYou might feel like a boy You might feel like a girl You might feel like both boy and girl or like neither You might feel like your gender changes from day to day or year to yearYou might feel that none of these words describes you perfectlyYou might not be sure yet Maybe you're still figuring it outYour feelings about your gender are real Listen to your heartNo matter what your gender identity is you are okay exactly the way you are And you are lovedIt feels good to be YOURSELF doesn't it?

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    📣 The words kids hear the words kids know 📣Clear readable kid friendly gorgeous basically everything I could want for this book I think one of the easiest selling points is actually the title because it's such a perfect statement that encapsulates so many parts of identity For children it truly is a matter of the words they hear the words they know Noah Grigni the illustrator mentions in their note at the end that they grew up without access to words like transgender It's not like hearing those words makes you trans just like reading books with ueer representation doesn't turn you gay if only; but for those kids who feel isolated and unseen because something inside them doesn't uite fit it can open up an entirely new world Even for cisgender kids knowing the world is wider than their perspective is so importantI will definitely recommend this to my friends with kids freuently put it on display at my library recommend it whenever possible and read it aloud as often as I can This is a strong addition to the ever growing yay world of picture books about gender identity

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    No YOU'RE crying 😭This picture book belongs in every school and library it is not just essential for those with gender nonconforming children in their lives it is also a critical tool for discussing issues of gender identity and expression in a way that is empathetic respectful and affirming Noah Grigni’s colorful illustrations are beautiful inclusive and representative of the diversity in the ueer community

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    Another great new book to help start conversations about gender identity for kids who are asking uestions and adults who are supposed to know the answers This is a wonderful way for everyone to learn a complicated but necessary subject

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A picture book that introduces the concept of gender identity to the youngest reader from writer Theresa Thorn and illustrator Noah GrigniSome people are boys Some people are girls. So cute A great introduction to gender for young ki Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon of gender identity to the youngest reader from writer Theresa Thorn and illustrator Noah GrigniSome people are boys Some people are girls. So cute A great introduction to gender for young ki

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Some people are both neither or somewhere in between This sweet straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others W. Age Kindergarten 3rd gradeIdentity Nonbinary Transg