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Iscovers that Newt’s wife is having an affair with a lawyer from back home everything he believes is cast into doubt Torn between the dream he built and the world that’s crumbling around him Newt vows to win Jennie back at any cos. Love this story because it's local history with a twist that works Truth is indeed strang

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Evocative and visually stunning Box Shaped Heart transports the reader to 19th century Upstate New York where society is poised on the brink of the modern world From dusty rural villages to the smokestacks of industry the American lan. ★★★ Box Shaped Heart by Thomas GahrI was given this R2R in exchange for my honest r

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Dscape is changing Newt Rowell is an up and coming industrialist with a bright future Flush with success he moves his factory to the boomtown of Batavia New York and builds a new home for his lovely young family But when his partner d. This was a fun read with suspense and plenty of scenery I don't know if I would have run

About the Author: Thomas Gahr

Thomas Gahr was born in Batavia New York and grew up around the corner from the Rowell Mansion A lifelong interest in the stories and history of his hometown led him to research and write this novel about the circumstances surrounding the murder This is his first book He currently resides in Minneapolis Minnesota with his wife and two children

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