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Bible Prophecy Failure or Fulfillment?

characters Bible Prophecy Failure or Fulfillment?

Our world coming to an end as described in the Book of Revelations No says author Tim Ca

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As the year 2000 rapidly approaches many claim we are living in the end times Are we Is

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Llahan in BIBLE PROPHECY as he subjects the prophecies of the Bible to rigorous uestions

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    This book presents an overview of numerous prophecies and apocalyptic literature from the Old Testament and the book of Revelation asking the uestion of whether they represent legitimate predictions of future events or whether they were self fulfilled written after the fact educated guesses or have other non mystical explanations It was written in the 90s in response to a number of end times books by Hal Lindsey and others and as such it references works I haven't read I'm familiar with Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth and a later work of his but otherwise haven't continued to follow end time literature since high school and early college when I admit some of it scared the hell out of me Callahan makes a pretty convincing case that prophecies by Isaiah Jeremiah and Elijah among others as well as apocalyptic literature such as the book of Daniel and the Revelation of John were tied into their times than focused on future events He points out that the works were written for specific audiences who were experiencing first hand much of the persecution described in the works such as Jerusalem under the Seleucids using coded language to avoid backlash by those in authority much in the way modern science fiction comments on our times One of his contentions is that prophecies of futuristic redemption thousands of years after the fact would have been of little comfort to people who believed they were facing the imminent destruction of their culture and way of life No imagined Antichrist could have been as brutal or ruthless as the very real Nero in Rome or Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Seleucid empire who actually looted the Temple and demanded that all subjects worship him as god incarnate While the justification for the work may be dated end times prophecy never really goes out of style it just finds new candidates for the Antichrist so its a handy reference for anyone worried the Rapture might be right around the corner It places each work within its proper historical context and points out why schools in America should focus on world history something many Americans including me are lacking in An overall interesting read which while referencing works I don't recognize still provided enough background and supporting material to hold my interest I recommend it to anyone wanting to know about the topic

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    Anyone like me who grew up in the christian version of American culture or any culture for that matterhas heard copious claims about the veracity of the bible and bible prophecy Every incarnation of christianity has its own take on how much of the bible is true Callahan deftly takes on those fundamentalists who state adamantly that every word sprang from the lips of god himself and uite convincingly argues otherwise Using a close examination of the bible text compared with the claims of fundamentalists Callahan argues that very little of bible prophecy can be shown to have been fulfilled and that little of it has relevance beyond the eras in which they were first recorded Moreover he argues that the bible is a purely historic text written by people for and from that time with no or less relevance to today than any other ancient text It is a position that no fundamentalist and few moderate christians are willing to acknowledge or accept Having personally run that gauntlet and come out the far side this book is a refreshing and even liberating thesis on how easy it is for the cleverest among us to believe things that have little actual evidence to support them Anyone who had never uestioned the claims of the bible as a true text should read this book

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    Callahan makes some socially and academically important points that are unfortunately hidden within a jumble of poor writing organization and editing I'm very interested in this subject matter and this book could still hardly hold my attention

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