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    When Shadow Watch officers Audra Hawthorne and Mr Jinx botch an arrest they're taken off the case But how can a psychotic nightmare clown and his creator stay away from a case that has both Earth and Nod hanging in the balance?I got this from Netgalley and the chaps at Angry RobotThe thing I've always disliked about the fantasy genre both urban and epic is that very few books attempt to break new ground This one leaves the ground behind and heads into the Twilight ZoneNight Terrors is the same old story about a burned out cop and her partner working on a case that they've been booted off of Only the cop works for an organization called the Shadow Watch that keeps rogue nightmares from escaping Nod to the real world And Jinx is a psychotic nightmare clown she created that is now her partnerThe concept reminds me of the Jack Kirby version of the Sandman the red and yellow superhero who operated primarily in dreams the precursor to Neil Gaiman's Sandman Maybe you've heard of it?There's very little infodumping so I had to piece things together as I went I liked the idea of Ideators people capable of making dreams real and the Maelstrom and the people and gadgets that used it's power like the M gineers and M blades and thingsThe book reminded me of Simon Green's Nightside book at first although with much less annoying lead characters Audra is burned out from not being able to sleep due to being an Ideator someone capable of bringing nightmares to life and Jinx is a combination of Beetlejuice The Mask the Joker and a great white sharkThe relationship between Audra and Jinx is one of my favorite parts of the book Night Jinx is her loose cannon partner Day Jinx is like a mother hen and makes Audra look like the loose cannon It makes Night Terrors one of the most dysfunctional buddy cop stories in historyLots of crazy stuff happens in this one When one of the protagonists is a demonic clown you know the bad guys have to be pretty formidable which they are The ending is satisfying and also leaves the door open for further adventures of the Shadow WatchFour out of five stars

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    I hope I do this book justiceThis book was probably the most fun I have had reading a book in over a year To explain the world that you are entering You have Ideator's who have brought their nightmares to life Incubus's are their nightmares Hard to kill and pretty much out of control You have Earth and the land of Nod The author does such a great job without overdoing the info dumps explaining his worlds that it's just amazing Once you start this book just buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride A ride it is indeedJinx insane clown incubus at night Loves nothing than causing and creating havoc as he goes His day personality reminds me of this guy Audra is his Ideator She brought him to life from her nightmares as a child Now they are partnered in the firm called Shadow Watch think Men in Black Wiping out crime between Earth and Nod Many of these characters crack me up You have Mr Sanderson who may or may not be the famous Sandman Phillip and his hell hound Bloodshedder Aka initials BSand so many that hopefully I get to see of from this authorI cannot wait to read from this author Five very large stars to this book I recieved a ARC copy of this book from Netgalley and Angry Robot in exchange for an honest review Thank you so very much

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum think reading this book gave me a better insight into coulrophobia I mean clowns are kinda creepy I guess But I’ve also always found it hard to look at them and not see beyond just some guy in colorful clothes and makeup Supernatural clowns on the other hand are a whole other matter Especially when they are someone’s nightmare literally come to lifeBut in spite of what the title and cover initially led me to believe this is not a horror novel Night Terrors would probably fit comfortably in the urban fantasy and paranormal section That said it’s also darkly comedic and not just a little bit unhinged Think buddy cop movie meets Tim Burton uirky and fun but also a little macabreThe book’s protagonist is Audra Hawthorne an officer of the Shadow Watch the supernatural agency dedicated to patrolling the border between our world and the dream realm Their units are generally organized into pairs made up of an Ideator and their Incubus – in other words the dreamer and the living manifestation of their worst nightmare For Audra dreams of the psychotic clown Jinx has terrorized her ever since she was a child but now they are partners working together to keep both Earth and Nod safe from rogue IncubiBecause they are essentially the products of our dreams Incubi come in all shapes and sizes You’ll see some pretty wild dream folk in this book like Candy the Incubus made completely out of – you guessed it – chocolate and other yummy sweets rud to have been dreamt up by a dentist’s son or the Deathmobile a nightmare hearse I really enjoyed the originality of these crazy manifestations and the idea that our mortal realm exists in parallel with the zany world of NodAnd yet I didn’t feel as excited about this book as I thought The awesome premise aside the plot was mediocre not to mention formulaic with all the usual elements of an urban fantasy thrown in As a detective story it was rather predictable which is disappointing especially given all the other cool ideas in here And while I appreciated the contrast between the level headed Audra versus the insane and unpredictable Jinx I found a lot of the action to be over the top and mostly exaggerated slapstick On the one hand I loved the delightfully creepy way Jinx was portrayed But personally that kind of humor just isn’t my styleI’ll also admit I might be just a bit picky with my urban fantasy On the whole Night Terrors is a pretty good book if nothing else a uick and entertaining read with a few rather neat never seen before ideas The story itself didn’t take off for me mostly because the style isn’t my cup of tea but I actually think it could click with most people

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    So we have this book right and it’s pretty good and then all of a sudden you realize that it would be so much better if it wasn’t trying so hard There is a fantastic premise and I think even not knowing the author’s bibliography it’s clear that the man knows how to write but this could benefit from being pared down to cut out the redundancy When I get excited about a book at first only to realize a bit later that I'm not going out of my way to read it that's when I see I've got a problem The story is about Audra and Jinx her nightmare come literally to life but he’s not all bad because the two of them are police in the land of Nod They’re investigating another Incubus the nightmares but the case becomes a mystery that goes all the way up to the head honcho Can Jinx and Audra stop a possible magical apocalypse or are they too late or will Earth and Nod pay the price for their mistakes?I love everything I just wrote that is my kind of book But But well redundancy I didn’t need to be reminded a zillion times that there were different Aspects the day version and the night version of the monsters or how “if x had been human that would have x but since he’s an Incubus he’s fine” this was possibly the most used and by far the most annoying Those weren’t the only aspects of the story I felt were superfluous for the record it was constant throughout the book This very huge annoyance coupled with the inability to both relate to andor imagine myself as Audra or care about her plight make this book less than what I’d hoped based on that synopsis and premise It was ok but not the mind blowing experience I'd hoped nor the easy entertainment I always enjoyI think this could work really well for a person that isn’t as critical and is forgiving because it really is an interesting idea There are no issues with pacing in my opinion and the descriptions of the Incubi were good The book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger can I get a hallelujah though it does provide a nice segue into the next book in the series If any of this seems like something you wouldn’t get hung up on then you should definitely try it

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    35 Night Terrors has all the crazy elements of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Monsters Inc It is like their crazy adolescent childYou won't be surprised then that the book is full of over the top action and various silly comments mostly coming from one of the main characters Jinx He is after all a clown Don't let the title fool you though This is not a horror story It is darkly cartoonish than anything Darkly cartoonish in a good way because the clown is a dead give away so nobody could say they expected something else If you liked the two films I mentioned above add a bit gore and mayhem and you'll get Night TerrorsThe author is not unfamiliar with the whole parallel worlds idea Necropolis Here the characters can actually move from one to another Audra Hawthorne is an Ideator someone who can make her nightmare come alive So you get Jinx the main reason why I love this book He is so exaggerated that you can't help but like him even at his worst And I hate clowns They both work for the Shadow Watch a supernatural police force I didn't like Audra in the first part of the book There were some moments there that came pretty close to be too stupid to live but Jinx influenced her enough over the years that later she got betterFor the first book in what I am guessing will be series this is good There is a bit info dumping along the way though The author left just enough unresolved issues that I will definitely read the next book ARC provided by Angry Robot via NetGalley

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    NIGHT TERRORS is a ridiculously fun book to read – a concoction of nightmares detective drama and the supernatural that stretches the fabric of reality and bleeds surreal through the seamsShadow Watch officersagents Audra an Ideator maker of nightmares and Jinx an Incubus Audra’s nightmare made real are introduced to the reader following the unsuccessful collar of another Incubus causing havoc amongst the general populace It is during this episode of violence that a Maelstrom opens up dredging up monsters and supernatural horrors bringing the Shadow Watch partners out of the shadows and into full light of their superiors and many terrified onlookers From here a tried and tested detective formula precedes the investigation – yet with a shade of the surreal I really like the dynamic of the unpredictable duo in Audra and Jinx not only does the real life existence of Audra’s worst nightmare work with her day and night Ideators don’t need sleep often relying on illegal drugs to maintain alertness but often saves her from other peoples tormented and ghastly creations Jinx being a murderous clown packs a few big gloved punches or mallets to go along with his humour which lightens the mood and breaks up the procedural nature of their investigation NIGHT TERRORS has a lot going for it and I’m pleased that it’s the first in a series focusing of the Shadow Watch as Jinx is one nightmare that I as a reader wouldn’t mind reoccurringReview first published on Just A Guy That Likes To Read

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    I got a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWell what can I say I really liked this one? I tend to naturally gravitate towards themes such as dreams and nightmares and when I saw that Night Terrors dealt with exactly that— specifically nightmares made flesh—I just couldn't pass on it Although I'm also a glutton for punishment since clowns have always creeped me out and guess what Jinx is? Yep The cover kind of gave it away after allAudra and Jinx are agents of the Shadow Watch an organisation bent on regulating interactions between the human world and Nod a place where dreams have attained a state of self awareness Audra is an Ideator a human whose psyche created and fleshed out a nightmare Jinx until the latter became his own self Since then both have been working for that special agencySome aspects of this novel rest on well known tropes such as the two cops with a record of regularly causing havoc while on a mission or the dashing potential love interest with mysterious goals and a mysterious employer Or the shady bar with shady customers and a shady bartender who deals information However those being traditional fixtures of the detective novelUF genre I wasn't too surprised to see them here What I appreciated was how they were but didn't become too heavyI seriously dug the world building here The narrative told in Audra's voice is peppered with small doses of information here and there which allowed me to ickly grasp what Nod and the Shadow Watch stood for how things worked there what an Ideator was and so on Audra has a tendency to address the reader which can be annoying to a degree if you don't like that; personally I thought it created some kind of complicity as if I was allowed to get a glimpse of what dreams are really made ofThe characters weren't the most developed ever but I found them fun and sympathetic nonetheless The nightmaresdreamt creatures came in many flavours ranging from relatively human looking dreams to strange animals fear inducing shadows and even Deathmobiles beaming green aging lasers into their enemies The concept of their having Night and Day Aspects added interesting possibilities in my opinion Night Jinx was pretty funny in his own frightening ways while Day Jinx turned out to be uite the decent fellow There's also a hint of a potential love interest as said above It never becomes overwhelming which I was grateful for the story's stakes are high enough and I seldom root for making out sessions in such cases The novel paved the way for in that regard or not and it doesn't really matterI admit I wasn't too keen on the Evil Gloating speech of the villain towards the end but at least it wasn't the Bond Villain Stupidity kindAs a whole this book simply clicked with me I can't really explain in objective terms

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    Review copyRemember the old Dark Rides they used to have at Amusement Parks and traveling carnivals with names like Spook A Rama Whacky Shack and Laff in the Dark? Where you would sit in a car that would roll along a track in the dark and there would be scenes that would pop up and try to scare you? Well Night Terrors is a bit like that and just as much funIf you suffer from coulraphobia you may want to avoid reading this one Don't know what coulraphobia is? Go ahead and look it up I'll waitTim Waggoner has gone off the deep end Here's a story which starts out with a clown named Jinx on the trail of a rogue incubus going by the name uietus; from there things get a little strange OK actually they get uite a bit than a little strangeIn Night Terrors Waggoner has created an amazing new universe and he treats it as if it's a playground he's been going to all his life He makes it easy to believe what he's made up is totally real Why wouldn't the monster that haunts your nightmares become real and why wouldn't the two of you join forces for good or evil? Why can't there be a secret organization based in a parallel universe? Well there are a lot of reasons why not but it's much fun to just go along for the rideNight Terrors is by far the most irrevernt book I've read this year The I read the crazier the story became and the I looked forward to whatever bizarre twist Tim Waggoner had for me nextAs you may surmise from the full title Night Terrors A Shadow Watch Novel the book is the first in a new series but there are no loose ends to leave you hanging this one is fully self containedFrom Angry Robot books Night Terrors will be available in a variety of formats on June 5th If you're looking for some off the wall fun I can strongly recommend this one

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    Totally took my chance with this one I mean the blurb is pretty vague and I am not exactly a fan of clowns in real life all right fine I hate clowns But I read Tim Waggoner's before and I needed something different from all those romance So I decided to buy this 55% discount code at Kobo yay and plunged right in Well I totally LOVED it I thought the idea was pretty cool We have Ideators and Incubus Ideator is a human who bring Incubus aka hisher nightmare to life We have Nod vs Earth Nod is Earth's alternate reality We have The Unwakened First Dreamer night vs day version of Incubus and so on I honestly haven't read anything with similar idea I guess my urban fantasy experience pretty much play around the usual vampire shifters magic or fae so I was immediately hookedThe story opened with action when Audra and her nightmare Incubus Jinx went to catch a murderer Incubus For me that brought up the pace early on Waggoner didn't start the chapter by laying down the information Instead he laid them down after the first chapter and spreaded around afterwards I saw several reviews that thought the infodump felt repetitive or it wasn't clear enough However it worked well for me I didn't mind being informed as I went along One thing for sure Jinx captured my attention As a character I thought he was really strong and engaging Both his aspects The insane and rather homicidal Night Jinx versus the strictler for the rule Day Jinx I also LOVE the various Incubus Incubi? here They were pretty interesting Both physically and what they could actually doI immediately purchased book #2 Because I am not ready to say goodbye to Audra and Jinx yet

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    The story was gripping at first and the creativity of what Mr Waggoner displayed on the page by the world building weapons and characters both human and created was a real fantastical treatThe story seemed to fizzle out for me as some reads do when new weapons worlds and other things need to be introduced and explained I have to say that it was overdone in this particular book and it did take away from the pacing of the storyWith the main character Audra being human and fighting with the big dogs she always seemed to be unprepared; no weapon last shot or knocked out Very inconvenientWhile I enjoyed the idea behind this read I found it hard to connect with Audra I will say that there was enough substance for me to want to read the next in the seriesI was given a copy in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out wwwwHorrorAfterDarkcom

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