CHARACTERS ✓ Special Forces Vengeance SAS Box Set 1

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Special Forces Vengeance SAS Box Set 1

SUMMARY Special Forces Vengeance SAS Box Set 1

Fe is an unnatural act outside of a war zone What could have provoked three former members of Britain's elite SAS regiment to brutally murder a succession of untouchable criminals who had continually evaded UK justice This is the uestion I have been freuently asked since the publication of the first two Special Forces Vendetta novels Why did they commit such unspeakable acts of violence in the guise of righteousness I had to return to the very beginning to explain their disproportionate rage following an honourable yet dubious discharge in the aftermath of the First Gulf War Contains depictions of graphic violence reader discretion is strongly advise


SAS JUSTICE Three disillusioned SAS UK Special Forces troops return to Britain in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf conflict to discover an increasingly corrupt judiciary Smirking miscreants walk free whilst the innocent suffer Aided by a Scotland Yard informant the trio embark on a brutal covert crusade to rid Britain of its nefarious untouchables Drug dealers paedophiles and various other lawbreakers are targeted as the morgues fill and the courts empty Detective Inspector Jim Brannigan a former military policeman investigates suspecting that the deaths are linked Divided loyalties ensue when the paroled Jamaican drug dealer responsible for the death

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Of Jim's wife evades the justice system but not the elite soldiers now operating as vigilantesSAS REVENGE While the hunt for the former SAS trio continues across Britain a wave of pro vigilantism is whipped up by the duplicitous UK media Detective Inspector Jim Brannigan's world is thrown into turmoil when his partner is inexplicably shot by one of the ex soldiers As she clings to life the vengeful copper learns that the elite killers have spread their net to include resurgent terrorists a strategy that leads to mayhem on the streets of The UK Unknown to even his comrades the unit leader plans one final devastating act of revenge SAS RAGE Taking a li