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  • 05 December 2019
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Napkin Finance

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Ics such as budgeting investments and retirement accounts and turning them into simple skimmable explanations Now she’s synthesized the most important content into this personal finance handbook Napkin Finance includes dozens of individual learning modules on topics ranging from credit scores to paying off student loans to economics and blockchainThe first illustrated guide that makes finance fun and accessible Napkin Finance can help even the most numbers phobic reader learn about complex financial topics without dying of boredom . Very simple easy

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Uld become a reuired high school course Tina Hay understands the confusion While attending Harvard Business School she struggled to keep up with classmates–many of whom came from the banking world–when it came to understanding jargon and numbers heavy concepts Tina developed a visual learning strategy using sketches and infographics that helped her succeed in her studies and master even the most complex financial topicsSince then Tina founded Napkin Finance a thriving company built on the concept of taking seemingly overwhelming top. I really enjoyed

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WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER“An incredible compelling read It covers an astonishing amount of ground with basic simplicity and good humor A masterful starting point for any investor Tina Hay is a wizard” Ben Stein economist author actor and commentatorA handy crash course in personal finance Napkin Finance is the groundbreaking guide everyone needs to help them manage their money and feel secureSurveys have found that two thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test and nine in ten believe personal finance sho. Great snippets an