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The Pink Elephant In the Middle of the Getto

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The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the Getto is than a story It is a journey through a life filled with hurt pain drugs mental illness verbal physical and sexual abuse It is an up close and personal look at I came across the author through a Facebook post where she shared a brief sy Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience pain drugs mental illness verbal Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 physical and sexual abuse It is an up close and Men in Kilts personal look at I came across the author through a Facebook The Killing Of Katie Steelstock post where she shared a brief sy

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S a different perspective Despite her trials and tribulations TiTi has managed to make a positive difference in her life and the lives of others She is determined to succeed The truth is she always has been Bravely written insight into private persons worldThis book is highlights th

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The impact our words and actions have on others It uncovers what most never want exposed It sheds light on those who are living their life in darkness And it gives anyone dealing with loved ones in darknes Read this book Read this book regardless of your background or history I dow

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    Jaw droppingly honestI had to download her book after seeing the author's emotionally raw and inspiring Facebook video on her life But I must say that NOTHING prepared me for this level of raw honesty As a Masters Addiction Counselor and psychoeducator for budding clinicians I am floored humbled and in awe I promise that as soon as I am set with a steady university gig this will be reuired reading Well done Heads up for technical the style is very reminiscent to you telling your story in your step work I don't think it detracts from it at all It is like she's sitting next to you telling her life

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    I came across the author through a Facebook post where she shared a brief synopsis of her life with just note cards I was so taken aback and touched at her raw emotion that I ran to find this book as soon as she mentioned it at the end This book was incredible By the time I'd finished maybe a third of it my heart felt like it couldn't take any reading all this woman had gone through and at that point she was only 17 years old Titi Ladette articulated her journey with passion and honesty and tugged at my heart strings than a few times Her story is not just for those who may have similar experiences with drug abuse sexual abuse or a hard knock life story of their own but for any one who has struggled in life or still struggling This is an eye opening account of what happens in families and communities every day If this woman can live to tell her story i swear there's truly hope for us all

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    This memoir was painful to read And than other recoverysurvival stories I've read this one impressed on me just how fragile recovery is This is self published book is no literary masterpiece but in its imperfect form it represents a feat of admirable strength Written in prison it's the therapeutic confessional of a woman who is struggling with addiction and recovering from trauma abuse and untreated mental illness More in the style of a journal than a novel she outlines her journey from infancy to adulthood with insight and thoroughness documenting the many internal and external factors that fueled her lifelong addiction and self destructive behavior To those familiar with the deprivations plaguing America's poorest African American communities this story presents no newsflashes But it's a vivid case study of how multiple factors intertwine to entrap a person and her kids in a vicious cycle of addiction and abuse; and it's surely a testament to human resilience

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    uick and informative readThis was a difficult and emotional read for me I found myself both empathizing with the author and feeling frustrated as she seemed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again I'm glad that I stuck it through until the end and I wish the author nothing but the best I think the overall message is a good one and I hope it makes a difference

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    Read this book Read this book regardless of your background or history I downloaded this book after I saw her emotional Facebook video I cannot even put into words how this book made me feel Read it Feel the emotions she felt for yourself

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    Miss Ladette has the solutionThis book is the reality African Americans living in America today TiTi is very honest about her experiences living in urban America I cringed every time she relapsed and would depend on men to give her self worth I was rooting for her every time she got herself together and almost cried or got angry when she would relapse again But not having knowledge to cope during rough times or depression bouts always led her back to using because self medicating had always been the answer to make her feel better Being an addict had her wanting It was an endless cycle for which she has put an end to Thank God I feel that everyone no what race needs to read this book either to help end the cycle or just to get insights into the urban culture You will also get an understanding why kids living in these conditions don't reach their potential I think every white teacher who has African American students in their classes and teach in urban schools should read this book

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    Intense readTiTi Ladette wove a strong tale about her life growing up showing how sexual abuse by a family member the absence of her parents and various other life circumstances contributed to years of mental illness and addiction She shares in this book her story and her methods for healing as well as statistics in relation to the African American community and resources for help including the foundation she herself built from her experiences Very intense read and very eye opening

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    This book is incredible and I believe can help many women find themselves and begin to heal from the pain in their lives I am completely compelled to search out the hidden things of my own life and to trust God for truth and healing Great for those who identify ourselves as addicts or alcoholics May God bless you as yo read

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    Bravely written insight into private persons worldThis book is highlights the complex growth of individuals and the impact on them from a very early age A lot of these cycles are repeated in other countries and books like this educated all on life choices Well done on your progress and thank you for sharing

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    Great readThe book was a great read and told a story that many of us in the back community go through but it is never talked about

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