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    I think it's good book

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    Title A Little White LieAuthor Titish A KPublisher PT Gramedia Pustaka UtamaPages 272 pagesPublished March 2007A Little White Lie follows the story of Ocha a first year high schooler After a basketball incident she becomes acuintance with Adit one of the hottie at school with many fans including Pia Ocha's bestfriendWith a little luck Ocha finds out Adit's cell phone number which was difficult to get At first Ocha wanted to sell the number to his fans but later she decides to terrorize Adit as a revenge by miscalling him again and again When Adit starts a conversation via SMS a relationship begins to developReviewRecently I feel a little bit tired on reading When I say tired it means that I try to avoid books that I feel heavy or difficult to read and prefer a lighter one Like this book for exampleI think the story is easy to follow It was uite light and very teenage ish which brought a lot of memory I wish there were interactions between Ocha and Adit Also I think Adit's messages are kinda girlish and I kinda giggled when Adit supposedly send a picture of himself and the author or the publisher? decided to use a manga style characterOverall the story was ok and enjoyableThis book is for the following reading challenges 2013 New Authors Reading Challenge 2013 Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge 2013 Color Coded Reading Challenge

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    I read it 3 years ago but not the whole book I just read for 40 pages and got bored so badly so I decided to close the novel and never read how the story ended no offense sorry I just tell the truth I feel

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    teen storieslove thislike I loveRadit

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    A Little White Lie

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    i want to read this book plis

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    Read this when i was in grade 9 if im not mistaken

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A Little White Lie

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Memberikan jalan untuk membalas dendam ketika tanpa sengaja Ocha menemukan apa yang bakal dianggap harta karun oleh cewek cewek di sekolahnya nomor handphone Adit yang katanya susaaaah banget dicari tahu ituAwalnya Ocha berencana menjual informasi nomor handphone A ggggggg

characters Ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Titish A.K.

Dit ke teman temannya Tapi karena nggak tega akhirnya Ocha cuma ngisengin Adit lewat SMS dengan nama samaran AyuTapi bukannya sukses balas dendam Ocha malah tambah pusing Soalnya kebohongan kecil yang dia ciptakan itu menimbulkan masalah baru Adit ternyata naksir Ay m Magicalamity pusing Soalnya kebohongan kecil yang dia ciptakan itu menimbulkan masalah baru Adit ternyata naksir Ay m

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Ocha benci Adit Meskipun cowok itu idola cewek satu sekolah bagi Ocha Adit nggak lebih dari sekadar perusak image dan pembawa sial Sejak kenal Adit Ocha berevolusi jadi cewek cengeng malu maluin suka bohong dan doyan melet Pokoknya Ocha benci Adit TitikTuhan seperti I think it's good book