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    I love a dragon And when I first saw this book I was all omg dragon And omg Tom Holt I should have known there would be a lot of chit chatting it actually felt like an old woman firing away about inflation rates new iPhones gay marriages porn diarrhea hypochondriacs insurance policies new nail polishes begonias petunias dog poop and their connection to the weatherDoesn't make any sense? ExactlyTom Holt never fails to prove he has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth And I tell you this book is the worst so far No unexpected twists or bad ass endings to redeem the rubbish It's like you woke up with the bed sheets all ruffled went to deal with shit at work all day came back only to find out the sheets are still ruffled the bed undone and the house a complete toddler mess Badbadbad I need a long break Holt I'll be seeing you when I read the other stories other writers have TTFN

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    There's an old saying among dragons that every time a human says he doesn't believe in dragons a human dies and serve that cheeky bugger rightSo here's the gist of it Way back when there was a big fight between Good George and Evil a dragon named Fred Good won and Evil was vanuished However Good cheated and is a general jerkwad while Evil is actually a pretty nice guyAdd a tired sculptress a wise cracking sidekick a bunch of living statues a talking computer a team of lost devils a businessman dealing with time and what seems to be a witch doctor well things are about to be confusing as heckI thought I would like this book a lot than I did That's not saying I didn't like it I was just surprised that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would Maybe it was the abrupt change in point of views There were times where I had to read the paragraph again to make sure I didn't miss anything with the uick change of character voicesBut there are plenty of things to enjoy about it I loved the uirky characters the uality of use of gray areas and the world was definitely an interesting one to live in I usually live in the realm of suspension of disbelief when it comes to my books but there are times when even I felt that I had to really flex that muscle harder than usualA good book but I don't think I'll be rereading this one

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    Tom Holt is a prolific and entertaining author Paint Your Dragon is one in his canon of ever growing tales It was humorous entertaining and full of fantastically realized characters I particularly liked the dragonThis book took on the concept of the fight between good and evil It does explore some interesting philosophical concepts along the way in order to build the world that must exist for the story to properly develop Unfortunately this bogs it down with side stories that feel they go nowhere even while fulfilling a much needed plot point This happens often in his books as I think he bites off than he can chew in any one bookThat being said I do like reading him and going back to read of his work I just wish he would slow down as only the British seem to have the ability to write with humor in the Sci FiFantasy genres He is one of the masters as his word craft is always on point and characters never thin

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    I'm not a stranger to Holt As a teenager I read half a dozen of his books and enjoyed them Now I'm left wondering if teenage me was enjoying some pretty dire books or if Paint Your Dragon is an anomaly I didn't finish it It was surprisingly pretty dull considering it featured dragons living statues a terrible saint demons and the likeIf I'm bored for long enough I drop it I have far too many books in line to read

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    This was my first Tom Holt novel It might not have been the best place to start I found it to be a bit confusing a tiny bit tedious and not as much fun as I've been told a Holt book can be It certainly hadn't put me off from reading his other works but it doesn't earn any accolades from me Any story that features dragons backstabbing saints artists sentient statues vacationing demons and time travel should be enjoyable than this was

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    A moral perspective

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    Even if it's occasionally uite funny this book was too confusing and unstructured for my taste; far from terrible though

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    While I found much tedious about the book but it never took itself too seriously and that made it fun to read

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    Take Saint George The Dragon a feisty female sculptress a bandit who steals and resells Time statues that come to life a group of demons on vacation and a legendary mercenary Put them all in in modern day England for the rematch of the millennium Mix well with a healthy dose of humourThat's what you get with Paint Your Dragon It's a lighthearted funny easy to read book that takes perceptions and turns them upside down If you don't mind a little irreverence and an occasional swear word then not only will you enjoy this book it may make you think a little as well What if perceptions aren't always what they seem?Although Tom Holt crafts most of his stories from the basis of myths and legends and sets them in modern times and Terry Pratchett created a whole original world I always associate these two authors in my mind Maybe it's because I won't take either of their books on public transport for fear of looking crazy as I smile snicker and cackle to myself Maybe it's because despite the different way of going about it they both have a similar way of making you see familiar concepts differently Either way they never disappoint

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    Very funny but it was also exploring the nature of good and evil The nature of good and evil theme confused me though At first Tom Holt was using St George and the dragon in their legendary English roles and we appeared to be looking at good and evil in a cultural sense Then he introduced a coachload of demons and references to heaven and remembered that St George was one of the Christian saints He seemed to be saying that good and evil are defined by religions That's when I started to get confused because he only referred to Christianity but seemed to be arguing that good and evil are constructs of religions in general I really didn't understand that because athiests seem to agree with religious folk about some aspects of good and evil eg murder and torture are bad things there are obviously That suggests that good and evil are concepts which exist outside of religion In the end I decided that I just didn't understand the serious point that he was making and I just enjoyed the humour

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Paint Your Dragon

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Ure of the patron saint and his scaly chum gets a bit too 'life like' it opens up a whole new can of wyrms The Dragon knows that Evil got a raw deal and is looking to set the record straight And George who cheated think I'm not a strange

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The cosmic battle between Good and Evil But suppose Evil threw the fight And suppose Good cheatedSculptress Bianca Wilson is a living legend St George is also a legend but not uite so living However when Bianca's sculpt There's an old s

Summary  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Tom Holt

S the record's just fine as it is Luckily for George there's a coach load of demons on an expenses paid holiday from Hell who are only too happy to help him Because a holiday from hell is exactly what they're about to g Even if it's occa

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