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The Ecotarian Diet is far than being a vegan vegetarian or raw foodist It is a sustainable way of eating that supports the ecological balance of our bodies and our planet As you turn the pages of this book a new doorway will open where you will be able to see how ecologically interconnected we are with our planet and how our planet’s environmental crisis is but a mere reflection of our body’s environmental crisis In essence how we’ve been dishonoring and destroying our planet is the same way we’ve been dishonoring and destroying our bodies We too have been burning the wro.

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Ng types of food for fuel Even so the fact remains we have done incomprehensible harm to our planet; her sustainability is being threatened It seems as though every second of every day we are being asked to come face to face with yet another apocalyptic tide that could change the very face of planet Earth everything from global warming radioactive activity droughts plaues and yeseven a possible pole shift Just remember that whatever shifts and changes our planet is going through are the same shifts and changes our bodies are going through The earth is shifting; we are shifting It.

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Is time to walk a new path a new way of being in relationship with our body our planet our environment and with the intelligent “life force” of God that spins our very existence So while it may appear we’re separate from our planet our environment and our Creator we are not Separation sickness is our only problem the only real dis ease Heal that and you’ll not only transform yourself you’ll transform the world The physical body is the way through it is the great doorway of change To open this doorway our bodies must be alkaline electrically charged and free of impuriti.

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