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Billy Hazelnuts

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Edición española de Billy HazelnutsLos ratoncillos del sótano están fabricando un ser a base de levadura sebo y restos de comida encontrados en la basura Y le van a rellenar la cabeza de moscas para dotarlo de vidaEn el piso de arriba vive Becky una chica aficionada. On the one hand this is a thrilling adventure story about a sort of mouse Golem made out of yeast suet and mince meat pie residueOn the other hand it's a cautionary tale about what happens when unreuited love fills a bad poet with science and rageStunningly drawn as usual and wonderfully written Come on Billy That's not the moon they're eating it's just a field of primroses And you can tell that Millionaire is tellin' than he's tellin' in the beautiful seuence toward the end where Billy floats in the ocean head full of bats calling out for Becky as she floats away mute as a buoy

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CaEsta es la fantástica aventura de BILLY AVELLANAS un ser de corazón tierno y salvaje con un pronto tremendo pero capaz de un sentido de la maravilla ue nosotros ya sólo podemos evocar en sueños meciéndonos en recuerdos de infancia o leyendo este libro extraordinar. I didn't actually think this would be good And yet here I am loving it This is so cute and wonderful and creative The weird combination of horrible violent tendencies and total sweetness makes for such weird and wonderful characterization in Billy and let's face it there's nowhere near enough lady scientists in anything This is great

Read ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Tony Millionaire

A la astronomía ue no tiene ni idea de ue está a punto de embarcarse en un viaje alucinante en busca de la LunaMientras en algún lugar cerca de allí un cocodrilo mecánico y su mofeta lazarillo votan a bríos por culpa de la envidia cochina y de una miopía de fábri. Think of Pinocchio if Timothy Leary told you the story while 'tripping' Suspend your disbelief and go with itdon't worry you can come back

  • Hardcover
  • 116
  • Billy Hazelnuts
  • Tony Millionaire
  • Spanish
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9788478337583

About the Author: Tony Millionaire

wwwadultswimcomHis illustrations appear in publications around the globe including THE BELIEVER THE NEW YORKER and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL He illustrated many record covers including THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS “Then; The Earlier Years” JON SPENCER’S “Going Way Out With Heavy Trash” JOLIE HOLLAND’S “Pint of Blood” and ELVIS COSTELLO’S “Secret Profane and Sugarcane” and recently ELVIS COSTELLO’S “National Ransom” to be released in the US in NovemberHe now lives in Pasadena CA with his wife the actress Becky Thyre and their two daughters