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The Cuckolds Calling

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Pounding afternoon The story also flips back in time to give glimpses into the moments that led Christine from good girl to brazen cuckoldressI am an author of erotic romance with themes of wife watching voyeurism cuckolding hotwives and bulls My stories are laced with a touch of humiliation domination and submissi.

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A single phone call changes a relationship forever in this erotic short storyChristine Beckers is an up and coming real estate agent recently engaged to her childhood sweet heart and professional flautist boyfriend Nigel Smallwood However in recent weeks she has been spending time with a new client who is on the ma.

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Rket to buy a multimillion dollar home the handsome and incorrigible Bradley WinstonIt would be wrong of Christine to succumb to a man like Bradley It would be especially wrong to do it while on the phone with her fianceThe story transitions between the perspectives of Nigel and Christine during the eventful heart.

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