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The Meri Scott Show London Loving Book 2

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Ve but the positive benefits of meting out vengeance cannot be under estimated The Meri Scott Show is a romantic comedy with side serving of well deserved revenge Note All books the London Loving series can be enjoyed as standalone book.

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What do you do when on the best night of your life you walk in on your boyfriend of seven years with another woman Whatever it takes to get revenge Meri Scott award winning straight talking chat show host finds dealing with her problems.

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Isn't as easy as dealing with her guests' issues She's on the brink of breaking into the US Chat Show circuit and walking a tenuous line between sane and legal and not An arrest for stalking or harassment wouldn’t be a good career mo.

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    Meri aka Meredith Scott has been building her career since she was thirteen From advertising advert cheese strings to her popular award winning daytime talk show “The Meri Scott Show” Meri is twenty eightMeri has known her best friend Jenn since she was eleven Meri’s mother would never come close to winning a Mother of the anything award And her live in boyfriend of seven years still has not been able to acuire an acting or any kind of steady job beyond bit partsOh ya Meri’s show is a straight talk chat show dealing with the guests’ issues – encouraging them to rise above “it” and not go for revenge The night she wins the three awards is when Meri begin to learn the allure and joy of revenge Meri went to the award show alone because Tom had a rehearsal the next day and wanted to get a good night sleep She left the award show earlier than if Tom had been with her to share the good news with him and maybe do a little celebrating When she got home Tom was in bed But not aloneLife has now given her a better understanding of the hurt and frustrations of her show’s guests But getting caught taking revenge could well destroy her careerShe needed to know what would and would not constitute an illegal action – one cannot get caught taking revenge when preaching not to This is where we meet Alex Alex becomes her lawyer Meri’s first act of revenge actually started out as an accident and was pretty funny There was a creative use of pawns These were funny How far will she go; can she keep her life from being immersed with thoughts of and taking revenge? Usually a person will gather with their friends and enjoy verbally trashing the one that hurt them but Mari believed she didn't have any one left to turn to She finds out differentlyIn her hurt and devastation Mari almost lost the best thing that had ever happened in her lifeMari had been with Tom for 7 years How has he contributed to their relationship?She has known her best friend Jenn since she was eleven How does Owain play into their friendship?Can Alex get her to see what she is really doing?

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