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The Dolphin People

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Shortly after the end of WWII sixteen year old Erich Linden and his family have fled Germany and joined Erich's uncle Klaus in Venezuela where they will begin a new life But en route to Klaus's outpost further inland they encounter a storm and their pl I wish this book were a guy so I could marry it and have a million babies with it Read The Dolphin People if you like rollicking adventure stories told in crystal clear diamond sharp prose; if you enjoy gasping in terror every 20 pages or so; if you have the stomach for death by piranha and mutilation; if you're interested in tall handsome purely evil Nazis; or if you like complicated philosophical ideas explicated so beautifully and simply that they go down as easily as a gin and tonic after a day at the beach

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Ane crashes in the middle of the jungle Stranded deep within ia with no hope of rescue they are discovered by the Yayomi a violent and superstitious Stone Age tribe The Yayomi believe the strange looking foreigners are freshwater dolphins in human form I'm honestly of two opinions on this book On the one hand it's a very harsh read that I can see upsetting some readers with the scenes it depicts and the characters involved On the other hand it's all done so well that it's hard to knock it because the content is so graphic at times The story is told with wonderful prose and builds in such a way that bizarre and gross as it can be sometimes I never once wanted to put the book down and in fact wanted to rush headlong through it I think that says a lot for a book that grows from a sort of adventure story that might almost work as a young adult novel into a fever dream of life's cruel realities taking place in the remote jungle dwelling of a stone age tribe It's a great book and one I'm very glad I took the time to read Would I read it again I'm not sure I feel like it's a book that would be hard to read again knowing certain details and how it ends now Like maybe a read once a decade or type of thing I would say check it out though It's definitely an experience and not one you would normally get Just be prepared because it has those moments that honestly turned even my stomach a bit

Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á Torsten Krol

And the Lindens believe that as long as they can keep up the bizarre ruse they'll be safe But the jungle is a dark mysterious place and no place for a family of sham dolphin people who are ultimately left with only two choices to escape or to die tryi Reclusive Australian satirist Torsten Krol is best known for being unknown – even his publisher claims to have never met him He enjoyed success in Britain with his second novel Callisto and readers won't be disappointed with this his pacy debut now published here Its teenage narrator Erich leaves a defeated Germany in 1946 with his widowed mother and younger brother bound for Venezuela where his mother is to marry her brother in law Klaus and begin a new life With the hasty wedding over the family prepare to fly on to their new home But the plane crashes leaving them stranded in the jungle where they are rescued by a remote tribe who believe they are sacred dolphins in disguise At this point all ties to realism are severed and the real fun begins as the family plan their escape The Dolphin People is what would happen if the TV series Lost met Life Of Pi; a postmodern grown up Boy's Own tale –involving genocide insanity hermaphrodites and penis dwelling fish – in which terrible secrets are revealed and tragedy follows closely behind The clash of tribal culture and supposed civilisation adds to the novel's moral depth while the author's delight in the grotesue and the bizarre enhances further still this most superior adventure novel First published in Metro Aug 14 2008

  • Paperback
  • 368
  • The Dolphin People
  • Torsten Krol
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781843545774

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Torsten Krol is a writer who resides in ueensland Australia Nothing else is known about him