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Gunning For Marie

Read î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Tracey Steinbach

End purpose soldier or breederMarie Rice is a strong young woman and has gained rank as leader of her battalion of trainees She was promised a better life on the island but she is finding that promises were made to be brokenGunner Lincoln is second in command of another battalion of. I was looking for a good dystopian besides all of the best se

Free read Gunning For Marie

Several years after the Third World War resources are scarce The poor are poorer and the middle class doesn't exist any Teenagers are bought from desperate parents and orphanages then brought to an island facility where they are to be educated fed and clothed as appropriate for their. I received a free ARC for an honest review I really enjoyed t

Read î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Tracey Steinbach

Trainees and has a conscience unlike his commanderIn a world turned upside down with violence growing stronger by the day Marie and Gunnar know better than to allow anything to happen between them no matter the attraction but cannot keep themselves from falling into a forbidden love. Marie is a young women who has learned to fend for herself an

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About the Author: Tracey Steinbach

I am known by a few names At any one time I am known as Mom Mommy or Mama depending on which of my three children are wanting me My husband of 19 years has his own names for me But the name on my driver's license says Tracey I work as a cost accountant at a local manufacturing plant I've been having a love affair with books since I was a teenager I love to read Romance novels are my favor