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Elationship between servant and master seems a little anachronistic but Girl with a Pearl Earring does contain a final delicious twist in its tail Chevalier acknowledges her debt to Simon Schama's classic study of the Dutch Golden Age The Embarrassment of Riches and the novel comes hard on the heels of Deborah Moggach's similar tale of domestic intrigue behind the easel of 17th century Dutch painting Tulip Fever Girl with a Pearl Earring is a fascinating piece of speculative historical fiction but how much can novelists extract from the Dutch Golden Age Jerry Brott So the parts when Vermeer was actually being a painter were interesting Seeing as I slogged through this on account of a recommendation that arose from an art class lecture on Vermeer I was hoping that the art stuff would at least deliver But it's not a good sign when a book's most compelling moments revolve around two people grinding pigments And no Grinding pigments is not a euphemism for artist bangin' It is uite literally referring to the detailed descriptions of how paint was made in the days before those fancy metal tubes replaced pig bladders as the paint storing vessels of choiceThis was the most predictable book I've read in a while and that includes the two graphic novel series that are simply retelling stories I know well in a new medium I knew exactly where the plot was going within the book's first dozen pages Every subseuent thread was introduced with the subtlety of a sledgehammer and the writerly finesse of a 14 year old's first attempt at fanfiction It was also pretty obvious what stereotype everyone was going to play from his or her very first appearance There really isn't a multi dimensional character in this book I understand that the first person voice is a limited perspective by its nature and I would write it off as just that if the peripheral characters were the only flat archetypes but even the narrator doesn't carry any convincing weight Griet is the protagonist because she's the main character And because all of the characters with whom she has scuffles are inexplicably bitchy Not giving characters any real motivations not making them behave and interact believably and generally preferring to tell rather than show all contributed to making this whole book feel sloppy underdeveloped and rushed If Girl with a Pearl Earring was maybe 200 pages of really hammering out the story and its players maybe then it'd be a satisfying read At least it's mercifully uick and mostly painless at its current lengthI say mostly painless because there are some groan worthy lines showcased here While pages would have maybe benefited the plot there is nothing save for a control freak editor that could have improved the prose itself I could not get past the clunky writing It didn't take me long to get violently annoyed by the author's fondness for hitting the reader over the head with the most obvious attempts at subtle foreshadowing by way of forcing too much weight on these flimsy laughably ominous one sentence paragraphs There were numerous other technical things that kept grating on me about the writing and its myriad shortcomings Among them Griet saying things like I always regretted that decision to indicate that she's looking back on a time that is very clearly written as the present; not one character shows any development throughout the novel; sixteen year old Griet the daughter of a tile painter somehow knows about painting and composition than Vermeer a professional artist who actually managed to garner some fame during his living years Even when the book pissed me off which was often I will admit that I never found Griet herself to be irritating maybe because I kept fantasizing about Scarlett Johansson to save my brain from oozing through my ears but I was irked at how it felt like Chevalier was Mary Sue ing her way through the character The way that every man whom Griet encountered in the whole damn book fawned over and flirted with her the way she was presented as being uneducated but naturally clever just because she sometimes spoke her mind and separated her chopped veggies by color the way Griet's family was painted as these simple sheltered little Protestants who knew nothing of the world around them there was far too much black or white for me to take anything about the book seriously I don't care enough to write about this book any So Every other gripe I have notwithstanding here are three of the book's most glaring failures Vermeer for being the central male character remains an enigma It's not that he's shrouded in an air of charming mystery but rather that his personality is nothing than a bunch of suppositions that Griet just knows about him Griet does not ever refer to Vermeer as anything other than he or him Not Once It made her sound like a starstruck teenybopper and it undermined any sense of genuine affection between the painter and his maid The similes Oh dear sweet Baby Jesus the similes I now know that I have a limited tolerance for the number of trite comparisons of faces and voices to household objects that I encounter in one novel all thanks to the time I spent reading this book

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The Dutch painter Vermeer has remained one of the great enigmas of 17th century Dutch art While little is known of his personal life his extraordinary paintings of natural and domestic life with their subtle play of light and colour have come to define the Dutch Golden Age The mysterious portrait of the anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring has fascinated art historians for centuries and it is this magnetic painting that lies at the heart of Tracy Chevalier's second novel of the same title Girl with a Pearl Earring centres on Vermeer's prosperous household in Delft i Another one of my wife's recommendations I read a lot of books that way I picked it up from the bookshelf the night we came back from seeing the film with Scarlett Johansonn and Colin Firth I loved the movie it was just so incredibly sumptuous and was curious to know the story in the novel which I knew from experience and from my wife's continuous comments would be different detailed I was rightChevalier has won a place in my heart and bookshelf Her novels are well crafted simple to follow and addictive; Girl was no exception The story of the maid Griet in 1600's Delft Holland was amazing in its simple prose and endless emotion Completely fictional no one knows who exactly were the models for any of Vermeer's paintings it nonetheless possesses a veracity that makes you believe Chevalier found the long lost journal of this unknown woman and wrote her novel based on it The details of seventeen century Holland are rich; you feel you are walking the canal lined streets of Delft smelling the pungent scents of the Meat Market holding your breath as Vermeer paints next to you Griet is a wonderful protagonist taking you into her world yet retaining a few secrets for herself especially where Vermeer is concernedGirl is one of those novels that truly invites you and almost kidnaps you to become part of the story to walk next to the characters to share in their lives to feel as they feel Watch the movie by all means the photography is absolutely incredible but then read the novel and get the whole story You will not be disappointed

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N the 1660s The appointment of the uiet perceptive heroine of the novel the servant Griet gradually throws the household into turmoil as Vermeer and Griet become increasingly intimate an increasingly tense situation that culminates in her working for Vermeer as his assistant and ultimately sitting for him as a model Chevalier deliberately cultivates a limpid painstakingly observed style in homage to Vermeer and the complex domestic tensions of the Vermeer household are vividly evoked from the jealous vain young wife to the wise taciturn mother in law At times the r Girl with a Pearl Earring Tracy ChevalierGirl with a Pearl Earring is a 1999 historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier Set in 17th century Delft Holland the novel was inspired by Delft school painter Johannes Vermeer's painting Girl with a Pearl Earring Chevalier presents a fictional account of Vermeer the model and the painting The novel was adapted into a 2003 film of the same name and a 2008 play Sixteen year old Griet lives with her family in Delft in 1664 Her father has been recently blinded in an accident and the family's precarious economic situation forces Griet's parents to find her employment as a maid in painter Johannes Vermeer's household Becoming a maid casts doubt on Griet's respectability because of the bad reputation that maids have for stealing spying and sleeping with their employers It is not revealed how much of this reputation is earned At the Vermeers she befriends the family's oldest daughter Maertge but is not on good terms with Cornelia one of Vermeer's younger daughters She also becomes friendly with Tanneke the other house servant but is careful to remain modest and unobtrusive for fear of making Tanneke jealous تاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه نوامبر سال 2001 میلادیعنوان دختری با گوشواره مروارید؛ نویسنده تریسی شوالیه؛ مترجم گلی امامی؛ تهران، نشر چشمه، 1380 در 237 ص؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی بریتانیایی سده 20 معنوان دختری با گوشواره مروارید؛ نویسنده تریسی شوالیه؛ مترجم طاهره صدیقیان؛ تهران، کتابسرای تندیس، 1381، در 269 ص، شابک 9789645757401؛نقاشی روی جلد کتاب را، «یوهانس ورمیر»، در سده ی هفدهم میلادی کشیده است، حدس‌ها برای شناسایی نام این مدل نقاشی، بسیار گسترده بوده؛ و همه ی آنها، به علت عدم وجود مشخصه‌ ای ویژه، در صورت، لباس، یا حتی محیط، در حد حدس و گمان، باقیمانده‌ است از جمله ی حدسها، به «ماریا ورمیر دختر بزرگ یوهانس»، «مدلینا ون رویژون دختر دوست و حامی یوهانس، پیتر ون رویژون»، و یا مدل گمنامی، که در خانه ی «ورمیر» به عنوان پیشخدمت کار می‌کرد، میتوان اشاره کرد جدای از همه ی این حسها و تفاسیر، این اثر از معدود آثاری است، که الهامبخش بسیاری از نویسندگان، نقاشان و فیلمسازان در سده ها پس از شکل گیریش بوده‌ است از جمله همین نویسنده «تریسی شوالیه» نیز تحت تاثیر همین نقاشی داستان را آفریده است؛ ا شربیانی

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