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Little Red Riding Hood

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Ther's house deep in the woods Little Red Riding Hood has no idea what is in store for her She soon suspects that her basket of sweets isn't the only thing he. Parents vary on t

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Today's young listeners will truly be enchanted by this version of the Brothers Grimm classic set in an American frontier As she sets out to visit her grandmo. A bautiful book n

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R new friend the wolf is after With the help of a brave hunter and her grandmother Little Red learns a valuable lesson about following her mother's instructio. Lovely illustrati Campus Cravings of a brave hunter and her grandmother Little Red learns a valuable lesson about following her mother's instructio. Lovely illustrati

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    A bautiful book note its a longer tale and appropriate for 5 and older Beautiful pictures and sticks true to the original storyline If you don't mind the sight of a hunter with a gun then you will be ok with this book

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    I had read others reviews and I am not one to shy away from traditional versions of fairy tales In fact I prefer them But the addition of the gun and the description of slashing was a bit too much for me to read to my preschool class I did see it is suggested for 5 and up I would probably say 7 or 8 The illustrations were beautiful but it was not very well written for keep a child's interest regardless of age I will have to keep l looking for a good one

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    The art work is better than most There is several non traditional elements to this version IE the woodsman calls the wolf sinnerBefore he dispatches him and cuts out granny and Lil' hood The inclusion of the word evokes a moral tone and seems like a non seuitur IT IS a morality tale but the wolfs morality should be static and needs to be static to dialogue about Little red's trail obedience Weither he sins missing the mark in archery or not he is a WOLF who eats red meat it's his nature SEE the title 'little red riding hood and the sweet little wolf'

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    Parents vary on the version of Red Riding Hood they want to share with their kids So let me say up front I wanted the one where the grandma gets eaten not hides in the closet; where Red Riding Hood gets eaten not rescued at the very last minute and where the wolf gets killed not runs away If this is NOT for you pick another version Personally I get mad when grandma hides in the closet whatand doesn't jump out to intervene between her granddaughter and a ravenous wolf She's either deaf or heartless I think Red Riding Hood needs to get eaten natural conseuences are great learning lessons And unless the wolf is killed and hauled off by the woodsman to be hung on his door how do you know for SURE that he'll never ever ever return My daughter is 3 and this is one of her very favorite bedtime stories The illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman are lovely with little homages to her Mimi hid within

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    I'm a nanny I got this for my kids for Halloween I remember reading an edition almost exactly like this one when I was little Its the perfect amount of scary for my kids but might not be a great fit for all young children depending on their sensitivity This is the traditional tale of the wolf eating the grandmother and the girl and the huntsman cutting them out of his belly complete with pictures It was fine for us but I know some families for whom this would have been too much too soon

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    Love this version of the story that actually closely follows the Grimm brothers original Good lessons intertwined obedience to parents good listening using manners thinking of others etc Amazing illustrations My kids LOVE this book

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    Beautifully illustrated classic story book My 25 year old daughter loves it I like throwing extra commentary of what can happen to a young girl if she does not obey mommy's directions LOL

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    Lovely illustrations Granddaughter 4 12 years old enjoyed the story A good read in the light of day at this age Not a bedtime story for young ones

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    Another brilliantly illustrated book from Trina Schart Hyman Would definitely recommend this to any fairy tale enthusiast or just for the pictures themselves which are very fascinating

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    Good uality and good seller

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