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Like You Mean It

Trish Edmisten ☆ 7 Characters

For the past four years Danni Singer’s had a crush on Darren Jacobs Good looking popular and star catcher of the varsity baseba. I like this book oh yeahMe reading this book at 100 am

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An unlikely friendship is born Will they be able to overcome impossible odds or will the obstacles of the accident keep them apar. Your run of the mill teenage het romance With disability content which I'm a suckered for I thought it was too sugary the characters felt a bit flat and I think it would have benefitted from being longer and with disability related contentStill an okay uick read

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Ll team Darren has it all When a car accident turns his world upside down Danni finally has the chance to get to know Darren and. I absolutely loved this book I read it on wattpad and have read it multiple times but when I wanted to show my friend the book she said it was deleted so I went to go take a look for myself and it was She and I really want to read it again so how can we get to it

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