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She hasn't saved herself for all these years only to be taken by a barbarianBook one of the Desert Brothers seriesRescued from the clutches of a lascivious prince Princess Aisha Peshwah uickly reali. The story was promising The writing style was superb I would have liked this book better if not for

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Ses she's jumped out of the frying pan and headfirst into the fire Her rescuer is Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal an unashamed barbarian who must marry Aisha himself to ensure he is crowned King Command. This book tell the story of Aisha who was rescued by Zoltan only to know that she is to marry him i

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Ing stern and brutally attractive Zoltan is as untamed as the desert he will be master of And as much as Aisha tries to resist her innocent body soon begins to unravel beneath his powerful possessio. This is another great story by Trish Morey two people thrown together out of duty to their countrie

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  • 19 May 2019
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Whether she's writing romance or her longer complex womens fiction USA Today Bestselling author Trish Morey is determined to provide her reader with that aaaah happy ever after ending made all the satisfying by putting her characters through some gruelling stuff along the way And with 38 titles and in excess of 7 million book sales worldwide it looks like the readers agreeA four

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    This book was an okay read for meCould not really connect with Sheikh Zoltan and Princess Aisha at allZoltan rescues Aisha at the beginning of the book from his evil half brotherMustafaI am seriously thinking Lion King evil hereAnywaysin order to become kingone of the brothers had to marry herhence the reason she was kidnappedZoltan of course rescues her and takes her back to the palace where the are to be marriedAisha comes across as a really spoiled brat for most of the bookfightingscreaming and scratching ZoltanI don't know how he put up with herShe refuses him on their wedding night and and Zoltan takes her to the seaside because the marriage has to be consumated before he is crowned King The consumate the marriageall of a sudden she loves himWhat???????I just did not see the progression to love from either party in this bookNext up is her sister's book this sister has two illegitimate children from two different fathers

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    The story was promising The writing style was superb I would have liked this book better if not for Zoltan he was an obnoxious hero arrogant self centred judgmental inconsiderate The list is long Aisha was strong not afraid to speak her mind she maintained an air of dignity However the time of the story was too short the story takes place in less than a week so naturally the development of their love was not convincing Aisha kept repeating i hate you once they made love she discovered she loved him And even with the Zoltan's POV his love for Aisha didn't appear strong

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    This captured by the sheikh story has an unexpected freshness Princess Aisha is ready when mercenaries break in to rescue her from a kidnapping of course her father would arrange it But her satisfaction soon turns to disbelief and horror one of the barbaric mercenaries is actually the heir to a neighboring Arab kingdom and he rescued her from a forced marriage only to force one on her himselfAisha is convinced by her father that it's her duty to marry Zoltan but she doesn't have to like it And she can't uite give up her dream of being with someone she lovesI thought this was a good blend of entertaining old fashioned tropes dramatic midnight horseback escapes for one my favorite part of any sheikh story with modern sensibilities Aside from some kisses Aisha isn't physically forced into anything The main themes of the book are her need to choose for herself and Zoltan's discovery of who she really is and how they can make each other happyThe worldbuilding isn't very consistent and the writing style is a bit repetitive but the story had me all the way I'd recommend this especially for readers who like virgin heroines and princessesreviewed from e arc provided by netGalley

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    This one didn't really work for me There was a distance between the hero and heroine for most of the book It was pretty meh The main plot was the hero's family dies in a freak helicopter accident making him or his 12 brother in the running for king The 12 brother is a cruel fat asshole of a man He kidnapped the heroine to marry her threatened to rape her to accomplish this The marriage to the heroine is necessary for which ever brother that can seal the deal because she's a princess of the neighboring kingdom and a marriage between the two kingdoms in such a situation ruling family wiped out is reuired for the new king to ascend to the throne The hero saves the heroine and basically kidnaps her for himself He along with her father tell her she has to marry him See it's not just the hero's kingdom that'll go to shit if he doesn't marry her but the heroine's as well her father and brothers will also lose the right to their thrones So she's forced to marry this man this stranger He wants to have sex with her ASAP because hormones and because he needs to consummate the marriage She says no puts it off and tells him she needs to get to know him better He implies she has this option when in reality she only has 3 days to decide because they need to have sex by the coronation so he can swear on the holy book that he impregnated with your seed the Jemeyan princess He's not willing to lie though she asked why couldn't he he said he doesn't want to start his rule off with deception But she asks him for time to get to know him and to have time to come to the decision on her own He lets her think she has the time but he knows she does not So at the core the story is about the hero needing to get into the heroine's pants and have sex with her making her his wife in all sense of the word so he can rule the kingdom Everything he does the trip walks on the beach etc are done with that end goal in mind He didn't really think of her as a person just a mission to accomplish consummate marriage check He is not romantic about it He doesn't woo her or make a real attempt to get to know her as a person So that along with the emotional distance between the two made this pretty meh to me It wasn't until the last 20 30 pages that they started to show some actual emotion towards one another and by then it seemed unbelievable to me I mean they love each other now? Yeah okay Just a day before he was saying how he didn't even think of her having a name just as princess and how he should have been calling her by her first name not title Also a few things didn't sit so well with me She thrust her chin up twisted her face away seeking escape from his relentless kiss No she cried No But he did not stop He gave her no space no release He showed no mercyI didn't like that when the heroine said no twice out loud when they were kissing the hero did not stop He kept kissing her and it took her scratching his face and pushing him back for him to cool it And afterward he used the fact that her body reacted as a see you really wanted it excuse It doesn't matter if her body reacted she told him no and I would have liked for the hero to have stopped to least to reassess her reaction before continuing the kissing I also didn't like the your body was into it therefore you must have really wanted it shit was thrown around so much The fact that she broke the kiss and said no should have been clue enough for him to ease back I didn't like that the hero seemed to threaten well rape? Or something close to it at least Once again your body betrays you Why shouldn't we finish what we started?I'll tell you why she said Because if you do not leave now if you do not go then it will be on your own head And you need never seek my respect or love or even the tiniest shred of civility because I will hate you as much as it is physically possible to hate anyone if you take what is not freely givenThen I warn you Princess Do not take too long to decide to give what you must because when it comes down to it for the sake of Al Jirad I will gladly risk your hatedTo me this read as her saying I will hate you forever if you force me rape basically into sex And he was all well for my country I'm willing to do just that I mean WTF? There were some other stuff like that that made me think huh that's a bit problematic I also did not believe she was acting spoiled after the coronation during their fight the fact that he couldn't see why she was upset and instead thought her spoiled annoyed me as well She felt lied to conned and betrayed She thought she had time to make a decision about sex but in reality she didn't and he knew thatand didn't tell her So everything she surmised was done with that in mind to fulfill the impregnate the princess reuirement And IMO she was spot on He did do everything with that in mind But when she wants out to leave and be done with him she's a whining spoiled brat? Yeah okay How about taking a second to understand her POV? To have a bit of sympathy? What a douche All in all I couldn't get into the characters didn't really like the hero didn't believe their feelings for each other were real and felt like there was a distance between them for most of the book I also didn't like some of the comments and views of the heroAll in all not a fan of this book Though I will continue on with the series

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    This book tell the story of Aisha who was rescued by Zoltan only to know that she is to marry him in few days time Being a strong willed Jemayan Princess she was adamant to submit to his order but reluctantly relented when she found out that she have no choice; marrying Zoltan to reunited both countries or risk his father being dethroned and her brothers' inheritence She choosed to marry Zoltan but determined to keep it on paper only Something that she found difficult to do because of the attraction towards her husbandI like Aisha her name is so uniue for her strong willed characters Her story with Zoltan is a classic romance which i read in others romance books but it was not a boring old romance story per se There was firework between the main characters and being a reader i have a enjoyable reading about it

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    I always enjoy a good sheikh tale and this is a good old fashioned forced marriage story Aisha is rescued from the bad guy by his cousin Zoltan the rightful heir to the throneA romantic at heart she is horrified that she is promised in marriage to such a barbarian This is an enjoyable romp with an alpha male sheikh a fiesty independent heroine and a marriage made for the sake of two kingdomsThe interactions between the hero and heroine were great fun and the story had the reuisite amount of angsty drama A fun read for the sheikh fan This is one of a pair with The Sheikh's Last Gamble

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    This is another great story by Trish Morey two people thrown together out of duty to their countries and their adventure to a great Hea

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    Really enjoyed reading this book Started this morning and I'm finished already ZoltanAisha really good couple Sometimes duty must come first But as always love conuers all

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    Review originally featured on Bookluvrs HavenI know this read is a little out of genre norm of YA and zombie fiction that has been the ongoing theme lately on the blog but I really needed a little uick escape read One that is filled with action conflict and a whole lot of romance This Harleuin novel had all I was looking forI've read plenty of Harleuins over the years and usually I really enjoy the stories They usually follow the same formula; boy meets girl sometimes they don't really like each other at first but there is always a spark between them Fairly uickly boy and girl fall hopelessly in love but may or may not be open with how intense their emotions are Hot sex is involved Yum Then behold A conflict arises that separates the lovers but their love for each other is so strong they can't stay away from each other And they live happily ever after and unicorns shit strawberry scented rainbows I love it I love those happy endings and ending scenes filled with love erupting from their poresIt's a guaranteed cry for me at the end Yes I know such a sapI know that this novel centered in modern times but it didn't feel modern I had to keep reminding myself of the actual time in this novel The Arab customs of this story with royalty being involved and arranged marriages felt like it belonged in an older time But I understand those customs are still very much alive today so it's not from ignorance on my part Being from a different culture those types of customs are not common or expected is what made me constantly remind myself that this was a present time novel I enjoyed that it was centered around a different culture and it was a much interesting story to read for me because of it Even though the core story has been done a hundred thousand times this was a cool settingThe female character Princess Aisha was constantly accused of being a selfish brat But the writer did not portray her that way As a reader you have the luxury of reading from her perspective and from his What made her bratty was evidently her way of trying to gain what she felt was a semblance of control when she really had none The life changing choices were made by her father and it was on her shoulders to uphold custom and make her family and nation proud On the other hand Zoltan was also accused of being a 'barbarian' and yes he was cold at times and impossible but this was also an unwelcome situation for him but he too had a part to play out of duty He definitely needed some help in the romance department and I am glad that he got that much needed advice from one of his closest friends Both Zoltan and Aisha got along a lot better when he followed his friend's advice much to the pleasure of both and swooning me who devoured this novel waiting for that happy ending that I knew was comingWell written and interesting this novel was just the break I needed from all the darker books I have been reading lately I was starting to feel like I was in a rut reading the same high action gory stuff 'Duty and the Beast' gave me a little battery charge with the nice feeling that accompanies finishing a great romance with that expected heart warming endingI received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the publisher via Netgalley; this in no way influenced my review all opinions are 100% honest and my own

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    4 STARSI was not sure if I would like this book by reading the back but I did like itThier was one love scene that I skipped over I like Aisha and would be mad if my choice was taken from me too At first Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal is not to my likeing he is Arogant proud and he is right and he is being forced into things tooBut the I saw and heard where he was coming from and how he grew with the knowledge that he had I fell a little in love with him tooMustafa is a character that I do not like at allZoltan good friends I hope thier stories get told soon because I want to read themAisha is a virgin and was saving herself for the future husband she wanted to marry for love When she is kidnapped my Mustafa and told that she would have to marry him Then she was rescued and thought on her way home but instead was going to be married to Zoltan right away If she refused to marry him than he can't be King of his country but also her father would not be King or her brothers would not be King in the future of her own kingdomAisha has the power to dethrown two kingdoms and she can not do it She feels powerless and aloneZoltan's friend opens his eyes to what it must be like for Aisha to be forced to marry a stranger Zoltan does not beleve that Aisha is a virgin he just thinks she is a spoiled princessThis is a fast read that I did enjoy and look forward to books from TrishI was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley08212012 PUB Harleuin imprint Harleuin Presents 256 pages

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