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RealfakeJade Ferraro is a cosmetic surgeon at an elite Beverly Hills clinic But to Loukas Demakis she's a fraudReveng. Unusual plot but not a very convincing romance Heroine is a plastic surgeon working with her mentor a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon Hero feels his wife’s death was caused by the Hollywood plastic surgeon and is alarmed that his half sister is now going to the clinic for unnecessary procedures Hero decides to seduce the heroine to get info about the Hollywood doctorIt doesn’t make a lot of sense but then most romance revenge scenarios don’t Turns out hero was right about the Hollywood doctor and wrong about the heroine Heroine’s angst and feelings of betrayal are nicely done I also like what she decided to do with her career after realizing what a monster her mentor was She works in a jail removing gang tattoos so the inmates can have a new lifejob I liked her better than the hero This HEA is a case of be happy the heroine is happy

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Buys Jade dinner for a donation of one million dollars But will the cost of the truth be worth the price of his heart. Hero is out to punish a plastic surgeon he believes is doing various corruptinappropriate things so he seduces another plastic surgeon who is a protege of the first There were enjoyable moments somewhat spoiled by the scenes of heated recriminations and miscommunication really don't enjoy those they're just so conventional The ending was also rather surreal view spoilershe leaves town to start over then months later he shows up and before they've sorted anything out he's asking her to marry him It was so abrupt and awkward I really wanted her to reject him For real And have them separate for good hide spoiler

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EpleasureLoukas plans to seduce top secret information from Jade and then discard her when he's doneMoneytruthLoukas. The hero Loukas has immersed himself in the glitzy and rather seedy world of Beverly Hills in order to expose famous plastic surgeon Grace for what he believes are her fraudulent and dangerous practices He meets the heroine Jade at a fundraiser held for the charity run by Grace and decides to use her to his advantage Jade is a laser surgeon working with Grace who she is very close to after Grace's surgery enabled her to lead a normal life When Jade and Loukas meet they are both surprised by how much they desire one another Loukas pursues Jade for both his own pleasure and to try and get information out of her that will help him bring down Grace When he reveals his true motives Jade is devastated that he used her and angrily informs him he is wrong about Grace Loukas is angry with Jade's refusal to believe him yet he manages to succeed in his task But he comes to realise that his actions have hurt Jade deeply and caused her whole world to come crashing down and she will never forgive him The plot is very original and really draws you into the world the author has created I love how daring Trish Morey is in actually writing with relish about the sinister and harmful side of the celebrity culture The story is gripping and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out who was telling the truth However I do think some of the hero's actions towards the heroine bordered on cruel at times and the ending really let this book down it was too rushed An original plot and gripping story Enjoyable Originally posted at

  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • For RevengeOr Pleasure?
  • Trish Morey
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  • 06 October 2019
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Whether she's writing romance or her longer complex womens fiction USA Today Bestselling author Trish Morey is determined to provide her reader with that aaaah happy ever after ending made all the satisfying by putting her characters through some gruelling stuff along the way And with 38 titles and in excess of 7 million book sales worldwide it looks like the readers agreeA four

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