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  • Paperback
  • 252
  • The Rampa Story
  • T. Lobsang Rampa
  • English
  • 19 April 2018
  • 9780938294092

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The Rampa Story

T. Lobsang Rampa ☆ 9 download

The journey continues as Lobsang travels from Korea into Russia Europe and America finally settling in England Here he transmigrates into the body of an Englishman enabling him to continue his specia. Whether you believe this story as physical reality or not you have to admit there is something compelling about the idea of forcing further development upon selected individuals for the benefit of the whole societyAs mankind develops technical means of meeting situations developed individuals are reuired to bring the rest of humanity along The means by which this can be achieved rests mainly in the mind – the human capacity to imagine before it physically experiencesIndeed even the ability to interpret experience that is unfamiliar reuires mental elasticity Lobsang Rampa paints pictures of awe and wonder by priming his audience with such a foreign setting as distant Tibet to begin his journeyThe strange combination of physical and mental experiences as a means of growing a child’s ability is partly what makes this story so compellingWe are constantly restrained by our parents to not do what they consider may be harmful to us By this means we are grossly or generally denied our own understanding We are instead channelled through their experience as an early understanding of the worldAnd yet as the world changes our parents cannot know what they have not yet experienced So any attempts to guide a child by a lack of a teacher’s knowledge become fraught with distortionHowever unbelievable The Rampa Story is to us it challenges this common instinct of childhood – to know what no one else can tell usTo read The Rampa Story is to allow oneself to explore possibilities about unintended hurt being a preparation of intended hurt and how to process it without losing oneself To feel that positive intensions and negative intensions may have the same activities associated with them and yet very different results by one’s own power is a remarkably freeing notionTo experience much of this through the eyes of a small child no matter how precocious is an invitation to unlock ourselves from a pre ordained adulthood It makes us uestion ourselves and not just what we are being told or presented withThe popularity of the Rampa books over a fifteen year publishing history show their worth for these reasons Any debate about the authenticity of the Tibetan perspective is secondary to these other aspects of the interest and purpose they serve for many and diverse readers worldwide

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L taskRampa predicts We are upon the threshold of a New Age an Age wherein it is intended that Man shall be purified of his dross and shall live at peace with others and with himself Rampa expands up. Good reading experience

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On his knowledge of astral travel telepathy mysticism healing and the release of the Kundalini power He also tells how to create thought forms and explains the existence of The Land of the Golden Lig. I was young and imature and therefore I really loved it I remember enjoying the beautiful descriptions of mountains covered in snow and everything that senses could experience Today I don't believe on it any but I keep the 4 stars for the good times we spent together