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Raeseng ist Killer von Beruf seit ihn Old Raccoon als Kind bei sich aufnahm und ausbildete Aufgewachsen an einem geheimen Rückzugsort in Seoul einer Bibliothek voller alter Bücher gehört er zur Killer Elite Koreas Denn Old Raccoon ist ein Plotter Als Kopf der Organisation Library of Dogs hat er seit Jahrzehnten alle politisch gewollten Exekutionen in Korea geplant Doch als die Macht der Diktatur schwindet gerät auch der Einfluss der Plotter ins. This is a beautifully translated addition to the emergent genre of Korean Noir it is offbeat full of wit irony and black humour gritty and brutal but never less than engaging and gripping set in Seoul In this story of a uagmire of plotters we have our anti hero an assassin Reseng inescapably destined to become an exceptional hitman after being raised by Old Raccoon You cannot help but be drawn into his life and character despite the brutality of his occupation Contract killings are managed planned and plotted at The Library of Dogs in the business of assassinations It is utilised by the criminal community and has close political connections with a corrupt government that cannot uite deal with being truly democratic and has found alternative ways of dealing with 'problems' through the route of outsourcing The police seek the person who pulled the trigger rather than investigating below the surface content with the obviousReseng a lover of literature lives with his cats dealing with his violent occupation by finding solace in drinking beer Then he goes off script on a killing assignment veering off the straight and narrow path of following orders and his life begins to move into unexpected directions with the strange and bizarre happenings such as explosives in his toilet labyrinthian plots galore and rivalries There is a pet cemetery owner Bear who Reseng utilises a 'barber' Hanja who is than what he seems and what exactly happens to old assassins This is a richly detailed intelligent satire with uirky beats and full of atmosphere The characterisation is simply fabulous none so than our central protagonist and the shadowy underworld is portrayed with panache I look forward to reading from this author I recommend this to those looking for something different in the crime fiction genre Many thanks to HarperCollins 4th Estate for an ARC


Su Kim in Die Plotter durch einzigartigen Stil und bemerkenswerte Beobachtungsgabe Mit einfühlsam sarkastischem Humor lässt er in seinem außergewöhnlichen Krimi noir den Beruf des Killers zum Handwerk werden Ein faszinierendes Leseerlebnis das alles zugleich ist traumhaft und realistisch hart und aufwühlend Wie schon Old Raccoon sagte Wenn du Bücher liest wird dein Leben erfüllt sein von Ängsten und Scham – und alles andere als langweilig. I don't have any strong feelings regarding this book My thoughts were not provoked my emotions were not engaged I was not sad that the story ended But that doesn't mean it was a bad read it wasn'tIt's the story of Reseng an assassin the lowest position on the ladder but he's at the top of his game one of the best He works out of Old Raccoon's library where he was raised after being found by nuns in a dumpster 30 years ago Old Raccoon works with Plotters who have been hired to kill people but Plotters don't do the actual job they just come up with a detailed plan give it to contractors like Old Raccoon and the contractors give the murder and body disposal instructions to assassinsThe thing is now that there's a democracy in South Korea and everything is working better than it had back in the corrupt days the need for professional assassins is waning Sure there are still politicians who need to get rid of mistresses and petty feuds between government officials but for the most part business is slow The few remaining contractors want Old Raccoon's client list; he's the only one who still has a solid roster of old school officials who regularly need hit men They can't kill him for it because they'll never get it that way but there are ways to persuade him to leave the business which means there are crosshairs on ResengI kept forgetting this takes place in Korea probably because the narrator has a British accent Also there weren't a lot of touchpoints; except for some of the food and drinks the mention of a highway and the city of Seoul there wasn't much to remind me that we weren't in any other city popular in stories Even Reseng's name threw me off because there is no R in the Korean languageI enjoyed listening to this but I think I've become too used to American thrillers in which everything is high stakes fast paced over the top action This was a slow story sometimes sweet in which no one is really bad everyone is just doing what they need to do to get by It's definitely not a thriller it's slower paced heavier and redolent of American maverick stories from the '50'sGive it a shot SHOT Because assassins They shoot and see what you think

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Wanken – und eine neue Generation beginnt ihr eigenes tödliches Netzwerk aufzuziehen Als Raeseng vom Plan der Plotter bei der Ausführung eines Auftrags abweicht geraten die Dinge außer Kontrolle – und Raeseng rückt selbst an die erste Stelle der Todesliste Nach Han Kangs Sensationserfolg Die Vegetarierin macht mit Un Su Kim ein weiterer koreanischer Bestsellerautor international Furore In Korea gefeiert und mehrfach preisgekrönt besticht Un. I love how Un su Kim takes the tropes of the hardboiled crime novel plays around with them has some professional killers uestion them within the text and tops it all of with a critiue of South Korean society it's clever inventive and entertaining Our protagonist Reseng has been left in a garbage bin as a baby and then brought up by a librarian who runs a professional assassination business Ryū Murakami will probably love this novel We meet 32 year old Reseng now a successful assassin himself at the crossroads of his life Not only does his job take a toll on him the political and business landscapes have shifted and his former ally has become his biggest and very deadly competitionUn su Kim talks about the assassination business as just another highly specialized industry in capitalist society and Reseng has no illusions He grew up in this trade he knows he is disposable a puppet instrumentalized to eliminate targets paid and sent out by plotters who come up with schemes in order to control politics and business but does that mean he isn't morally responsible Does his backstory explain or even excuse his actions or the actions of others These uestions are at the core of the novel This assassin wants to know in how far he is obliged to resist the dynamics he is caught up in even if it will cost him his life Obviously this is a deeply political uestion and I love how this author wraps it up in a thriller This world isn't a mess because people are evil It's because everyone has their own stories and excuses for doing bad things Those who execute the violent deeds are actually cowardly weakest of the weak people who say ´We had no choice because that's how the world is and because life is hard and because we have no power` And even the plotters themselves are not people but commodities in a self sustaining system of supply and demand You know what's there if you keep going all the way up to the top Nothing Just an empty chair Yes you can read this for the story and the characters and it will be rewarding but the philosophical musings of the assassins are the real highlights of the text As in every good crime novel the criminals mirror society and ask some uncomfortable uestions A really absorbing smart read

About the Author: Un su Kim

Un su Kim was born in 1972 in Busan and is the author of several highly praised novels He has won the Munhakdongne Novel Prize Korea’s most prestigious literary prize and was nominated for the 2016 Grand Prix de la Littéraire Policière He lives in Jinhae gu South Korea

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