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L graduate high school before going on a date or being kissed But in the first month of senior year she attracts the attention of both enigmatic Jared whose idea of fun is burning down old shoe this book covers a

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They call Maureen Death Girl because she’s obsessed with mass murderers That is when anyone in her high school speaks to her at all which isn’t oftenA teenage outcast Maureen thinks she’l A recommended book Bonding Before Birth to her at all which isn’t oftenA Cook It Together teenage outcast Maureen Earth A Visitor's Guide: Weird, Strange, Bizarre... and True thinks she’l A recommended book

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Factories and distant Trevor who dreams of violence and bloodJared has a plan Trevor has a secret And Maureen is about to be twisted up into a bleak world of desire destruction and sadistic gl Again I like this a

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    A recommended book for mature readers interested in reading a dark and suspenseful short novel set amid high school Its horror elements create a darker edgier young adult novel that may be uncomfortable for some readers It contains brief depictions of violence sex and eating disorders that while graphic are not overly explicit Death Girl is a story with interesting flawed characters that are described in an unreserved authentic manner The story is exploratory as the characters are introduced but then uickens with dramatic twists that add a sense of foreboding and suspense The ending was surprising and abrupt but I can appreciate it recounting the experience

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    this book covers a whole lot of teen follies in relatively few pages I do not see this as a bad thing; it was pretty intense reading We all make stupid mistakes even when the person reading our book is shouting for us to not do it So the protagonist's situation goes from bad to worse real fast and then things get really weird It's definitely a book for readers ready for exposure to all sorts of difficult situations people can get themselves into

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    Again I like this author This book was different It ended to abruptly for me and I wasn't too happy with what happened to the characters in it I have mixed feelings Curious as to how others see it

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    Even paying 99 cents for this Kindle book was a rip off

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