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Her off to his son in order to gain her inheritance Desperate Meredith has only one choice to flee with Annabel to their estranged grandparents' London home But their arrival soon reignites a family scandal and kindles unexpected romance. Mastering The M

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Since the loss of her parents Meredith Burnley has contented herself with a solitary country life looking after her increasingly and mysteriously ailing half sister Annabel But Meredith's peace is shattered when her uncle schemes to marry. In the mood for Vogue Goes Pop: Coloring Book of her parents Meredith Burnley has contented herself with a solitary country life looking after her increasingly and mysteriously ailing half sister Annabel But Meredith's peace is shattered when her uncle schemes to marry. In the mood for

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Happily reunited with the girls Annabel's grandmother resolves to convince her nephew Stephen Mallory the Maruess of Silverton to abandon his rakish lifestyle and wed Annabel Stephen is clearly captivated but with Merry the wrong sister?. Mastering the M Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon of Silverton to abandon his rakish lifestyle and wed Annabel Stephen is clearly captivated but with Merry the wrong sister?. Mastering the M

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    In the mood for a silly sweet romance? Try Mastering the Maruess by Vanessa Kelly It was a fairly uick read the plot was easy to follow the characters were entertaining and what sex there was was pretty hot Better yet as an 'author debut' novel from Zebra Historical the price is an economical 399 Now that's hard to beatLady in distress Meredith doesn't expect much out of life for herself She has the estate left to her by her beloved father and her painting But when it comes to her step sister it's a totally different story Meredith adored Annabel from the time she came into the world via her father's second and titled wife Now with both parents gone Meredith is all Annabel has left wellexcept for Meredith's uncle Annabel's guardian When he and his family including an apparently bipolar son descend on Meredith's estate she's not too worried Until strange events become frightening and Meredith flees with AnnabelStephen is the Maruess of Silverton and is uite bored with life He knows it's time to marry and begat the next heir but he's having a devil of a time rousing any interest in the debutante line Then while visiting his uncle a beautiful woman storms in and he's captivated by her energy her beauty and her bravery But she's not titled even if her sister isand she's totally unsuitable Now if only he could convince himself of thatYes the plot is one I've read many times before Yes I knew how most of the story would unfold before I was three chapters into the book And yet Vanessa Kelly still kept me reading Her characters are so well drawn I think I could recognize them on the streetassuming I traveled back to their time And the flow of the action was so smooth I just couldn't find a good place to take a break and read the whole story in one sitting And the passion This is one steamy regency I enjoyed Mastering the Maruess so much I've put Vanessa Kelly's name on my list of 'authors to watch' It wasn't perfect but it was uite a bit better than many of the historicals I've read recently by some pretty big name authors So this is one you may want to check out so you can brag that you read the author's 'debut' novel I'm guessing I'll be seeing of her books in the future

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    I really liked the luvable hero 1 of the better ones I've read in romancelandia Stephen's smitten w Meredith 1st sight from the moment she barges into his uncle's house He proceeds to woo pursue seduce her The feeling is mutual as Meredith thinks he's the most dazzlingly purrfect man she's ever laid eyes on but she tries her darndest to resist his attraction She feels that their background lifestyles are 2 polar opposites so she gives hero a run for his money She worries that their lack of suitability won't bode well in the long run esp as Stephen's bitchy whiny mom is not shy in voicing her objections to their union Meredith thinks that turning down his proposal is the sensible thing to do Stephen has to use everything he got in trying to convince her that she's capable of being his Marchioness as she's the luv of his life that there'll be no other for him The 2 villains are pure evil enabling the golden hero to play the role of a knight in shining armor who rescues the damsel in distress to the max as her villainous cousin uncle try to get their grubby paws on Meredith's half sister's inheritance There's a hint of potential romance between Stephen's female cousin his BFF luv hate relationship they've known each other 4ever There's uite a bit of sexy luv scenes 1 thing that kinda annoyed me Stephen keeps telling heroine to call him 'Stephen' but she still calls him 'My Lord' 'Lord Silverton' 'cuz she doesn't think it's proper Umm hello it's kinda absurd during their intimate scenes esp she still 'My Lord' him up 'till the end the Epilogue Enough already

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    Wow What a great book Vanessa Kelly is definitely one to watch Her prose is wonderfully evocative This is a character driven Regency romance of the old school but with a sexier feel Loved it

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    In the face of societal adversity what to do? Sacrifice one’s dignity or one’s love?Meredith Burnley is a country spinster with no big aspiration other than taking care of her frail sister Annabel She will do everything for the girl and when the time actually comes Meredith knows she has to take matters in her own hands Marriage would save Annabel from the dire fate their guardian has planned for her and Meredith knows only the most powerful man of their acuaintance would secure Annabel’s safety He is Stephen Maruess of Silverton and infamous rakeSilverton knows his days of gallivanting like a dandy in the haute society are coming to an end – he needs to settle down and marry Annabel would suit this purpose just fine as his family is prompt to point out to him All set to consider the match Silverton knows Annabel stirs nothing but polite affection in him like the myriad of ‘proper’ girls already shoved his way That is until his gaze lands on Meredith But then again Meredith is the daughter of a wool merchant and not exactly ‘proper’ by the Ton’s standardsStephen wants Meredith and sets out to claim her as his own Come hell or high water he’ll make her his wife because in his mind she is a lady than any of the titled ladies consistently flinging themselves on him But there is a major obstacle – Meredith knows he is promised to her sister and she will never ever compromise Annabel’s safety or happinessThe siren call of love wraps itself around Meredith as she is powerful to evade the maruess’s intent seduction and wooing But will love be enough to lure her to take on society? Silverton wants her but to what extent? Merely as a conuest or sincerely as his wife?Ms Kelly pens here a delightful tale that grips the reader from the first page to the very last Master of her craft she is a virtuoso at storytelling wrapping the reader in the world of the Regency and the haute ton with skilful craftsmanship MASTERING THE MARUESS catches the attention from the start and the bows and curtsies of the plot maintain a steady pace throughout the story The take on Regency’s haute society is accurate and infused with a freshness that sets it apart as a story that is than a simple historical The characters are well sketched and almost leap off the page Meredith is presented as a woman who hovers between two worlds that of the common woman of the age and that of the society belle This perspective is a novel perception in the genre of Regency historicals and this works very much in Ms Kelly’s favour to portray a ‘different’ story Silverton initially presented to the reader as a rake shows he is in fact a man of honour and one who does not compromise on his own ideals and principles A true heroOverall a beautiful tale that will sweep you to another age and time with one snap of the fingers I highly recommend MASTERING THE MARUESS to lovers of historicals and romance alikeReview courtesy of Romance Junkies

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    This book was ok I liked the characters I liked the story but it just seemed like it dragged at times There were many parts where I found myself thinking get on with itThe main premise is that two orphaned half sisters are threatened by relatives and so they flee to London to find protection with other highly placed relatives of the younger girlThe reason that the bad relatives are threatening them was fairly predictable but it was a good plot for landing the girls in the middle of their other family which of course includes two interesting malesThere are some suspenseful and downright gothic scenes involving the evil relatives and the girls but of course the heroes rescure the damsels in distress in the nick of timeThe older sisterMeredith feels that she is not an eligible candidate on the marriage mart and fights her feelings for Stephen right to the end Of course she is influenced by a mean prospective Mother in Law as well Some of the interesting parts happen as you read how Stephen tries to convince Meredith that she would make him an acceptable wifeI think that since it does not seem that Annabelle and Robert are getting their own book I would have liked to see a bit of their story even if just in an epilogueIt's an enjoyable read even with the slow parts

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    Mastering The Maruess by Vanessa Kelly Regency Mass Market Paperback April 7th4 ½ Stars Vanessa Kelly’s Mastering the Maruess is the story of Meredith Burnley and her half sister Annabel who must flee their peaceful existence in the country when their uncle and guardian tries to force Meredith to marry his son in order to gain her inheritance They flee to Annabel’s grandparents in the hopes of finding aid where they encounter Annabel’s grandparent’s nephew Stephen Mallory The Maruess of Silverton Even though Annabel’s grandmother has hopes of matching Annabel with their nephew the Maruess is immediately tempted by the lovely Meredith Vanessa Kelly’s Mastering The Maruess is a wonderful historical romance that is full of fun and excitement The characters in this story are immediately interesting and intriguing and ones that you can feel for and hope that they get a happy ending Mastering the Maruess is an excellent story for any readers who love romance with a bit of excitement and thrill added in their storiesReviewed by Mary from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    maybe this should have been called mastering meredith really it was the heroine who needed mastering the maruess stephensilverton is the one who had to do the masteringmeredith has a lot of things going on and she and her sister haven't had a good hand dealt to them in life so naturally she's skittish she's insecure she sulksoh i could go onthere are several instances where stephen has to reassure her and soothe her because she gets these thoughts in her head and starts doubting him maybe after the third time i was getting a little annoyed with her it's like ok girl how many times does he have to reassure you? what does he have to do that he hasn't done already?as for stephen i didn't have a picture of him in my head i just couldn't accept that he was blond i think it's my affinity for dark heroes he was a totally nice guy though who knew what he wanted and went after it he fell in love with meredith immediately i liked seeing their relationship blossomthere's some villainy thrown in too overall i enjoyed it

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    Mastering the Maruess is such an enjoyable read that I hope I can do it justice in a review It is fast paced story with complex characters caught up in the midst of family intrigue and strong passions Yes there is intrigue and passion It is the story of Meredith and her younger sister Annabel who are thrown into the social whirl of London's season unprepared for the complexity and cattiness of the ton Meredith already has trouble looking on the bright side of things and she suffers the most from the casual cruelty of the social elite The hero is Lord Silverton who attracted to Meredith despite their social standings Vanessa Kelly does a masterful job of keeping the reader in doubt as to the whether the couple will reach the expected happily ever afterWill they? The most convincing recommendation that I can give is that I immediately bought the next book Sex and the Single Earl

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    if you love timeless classic historical romance novels you'll enjoy this debut from Vanessa Kelly Meredith Burnley have lived a sheltered life with her half sister Annabel ever since their father died In Swallow Hill their evil aunt uncle and cousin wants to do away with them for nefarious purposes When Meredith flees with Annabel to their grandparent's home they seek their sanctuary there in London and ask for some help At first they were skeptical since it brought up memories of an old family scandal There Meredith meets Lord Silverton Stephen Mallory and his cousin Robert Station And it brings them into a whirlwind of a romance But she encounters some difficulty from the ton Silverton's mother and other circumstances since she's poor and common with an inheritance No matter what we see how they both struggle with this predicament and fall helpless in love when they open up to each other This is a new hit

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    Very entertaining in parts eg the love scenes good period feeling but other parts were over the top to the point of being gothic which I detest Also the heroine Meredith was a lovely person but didn't uite become a real character that I could relate toSeveral reviewers have called Silverton the hero a rake but the way he was portrayed in this book he was definitely not a rake just a normal red blooded male A Regency rake in my opinion is a man who is just on the edge of being a real scumbag in his sexual s but who is not totally depraved and is still redeemable

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