review Crossing the River A Memoir of the American Left the Cold War and Life in East Germany Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB

Crossing the River A Memoir of the American Left the Cold War and Life in East Germany

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Als der US Soldat Stephen Wechsler bei Linz in die Donau steigt flieht er vor der Kommunistenverfolgung in den USA des Senators McCarthy Sein Ziel ist die andere Seite des Flusses die Welt hinter dem 'Eisernen Vorhang'Sein neues Leben beginnt mit einem neuen Namen – Victor Grossman wird in der DDR Transportarbeiter Kulturleiter Dreher Lektor Journal. AUFERSTANDEN AUS RUINEN UND DER ZUKUNFT ZUGEWANDT

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Grossman ist und bleibt garantiert der einzige Mensch mit Diplomen von Harvard und der Karl Marx Universität In diesem Buch erzählt er aus seinem Leben – in den USA der DDR und dann in der neuen BRD Der Blick eines US amerikanischen DDR Journalisten auf unterschiedliche gesellschaftliche Verhältnisse ist spannend – und mit viel Witz geschrieben. The Book of the Week is Crossing the River by Victo

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Ist Er arbeitet beim Democratic German Report und bei Radio Berlin International wird Leiter des Paul Robeson Archivs an der Akademie der Künste Als freischaffender Journalist berichtet er in DDR Medien vor allem über die USANach 1990 publiziert er weiter und informiert die Welt über Entwicklungen in Deutschland auch im Rückblick auf die DDRVictor. Fascinating and very astute account of Grossman's 1

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    Fascinating and very astute account of Grossman's 1952 flight from US Army persecution and subseuent life in the GDR The last chapter his analysis of the causes and effects of the collapse of the GDR is especially useful and welcome

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    The Book of the Week is Crossing the River by Victor Grossman published in 2003This autobiography tells how an American defected to East Germany during the Korean War A very unusual story indeed He was brainwashed by his parents intellectual Communists both in the 1930's and 1940'sHe tried to rationalize his penchant for suffering by saying that the cruel and unusual goings on in the US actually provided a worse way for people to live than the East Germans did In the early 1950's the McCarthy era was in full swing the US had ousted the leader of Guatemala in a bloody affair and instigated another shameful coup in Iran; there was the ugliness at Peekskill there was still segregation; besides the Soviets had helped defeat Germany Comrade Stalin was a god to the CommunistsThe author argues that in 1960 the uality of life wasn't so bad in East Germany Yes there were severe food shortages but everyone's medical care was paid for and everyone had a job or was provided with necessities for survival and assistance for finding a job according to his own need Of course the people also spent needless hours every day manually washing clothes and dishes lighting a fire in the pot bellied stove and patiently waiting for unreliable public transportation or hoofing it because they couldn't afford a carIn the early 1960's the East Germans kept trying to attack the integrity of the Federal Republic of West Germany with good reason by publicizing the fact that a large number of ex Nazis who had committed unspeakable war crimes were working in civil service as judges even and in the West's armed forces It was somewhat alarming that so many Nazis were helping Germany to re arm and becoming a pivotal force in NATOIn the late '1980s the East German leaders staged a few media incidents trying to continue to isolate the German Democratic Republic the misnomer that was East Germany clinging to power believing that only they could be keepers of the flame The East Germans like the Chinese were into self criticism circles They had tutors who bullied doubters and discouraged free thinkers cutting them down with uestions such as Are you uestioning the collective judgment of experienced Marxist leaders able to assess factors far better than any individual? Could you be correct than they are?It was a traumatic time for the author when Krushchev revealed Stalin's crimes in the mid 1950's But the author continued to rationalize that his adopted homeland was still a better place to live than imperialist America It's an excellent book anyway

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    Victor Grossman is a Harvard graduate who defected to East Germany in the early 1950s He spent the next 30 years living there His book CROSSING THE RIVER provides a fascinating glimpse into the now lost world behind the Iron Curtain as seen through American eyes While Grossman was a true blue Red this book isn't a valentine to Communism He comparescontrasts Capitalism and Communism as he experienced them with a surprising amount of objectivity Especially interesting was Grossman's experiences in Germany just after the nation reunited in 1990 and his trip back to America shortly afterwardThe book is marred at times by Grossman's efforts to justify and validate certain day to day realities of East German life long lines staple products in short supply censorship secret informers But by and large I found him to be an honest and fairly objective historianMost of all I walked away from this book feeling grateful for the rights and liberties I enjoy in my country

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    This is a wonderful firsthand account of the DDR What makes it even special is the American perspective I recommend it highly

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