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Tenure Track

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Grad Mandy Taylor Administrators assign Jane to handle the matter and minimize damage to the school While trying to uncover the truth about Lewis Jane must deal with her own well hidden indiscretions as well as fears that her teenage daughter may be the victim of a predatory teacher By the time the story concludes both historians realize that in order to properly deal with the present and set a new course for the future each must come to terms with their own past mistakes Tenure Track deals with current issues such as sexual harassment p.

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Rofessional ethics responses to campus violence and the differences between perceptions and realities of the past; but ultimately it is a story about personal relationships among family friends and colleagues within the world unto itself called a university Like stepping onto a real college campus for the first time readers will be introduced to myriad characters some of whom turn out to be very different from first impressions whose smart witty banter camouflage all too human weaknesses This is the book professors DON'T want you to read.

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Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Within one minute five gunshots destroy the idyllic existence of a public college campus After a female student kills her loverprofessor two students and herself in front of a packed classroom an event that becomes known as Bloody Valentine's Day the university responds by instituting a strict prohibition against student faculty relations Three years later History Department Chair Jane Roardan finds that Lewis Burns a young History professor up for tenure is accused of having an affair with politically connected under.

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    25 stars but I'm feeling generous and round up to 3 Sweet story but dragged in sections and was too preachy at times Ironically for a book set in academia there were a lot of errors a good editor should have caught

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    It's amusing but too little on academic politics and too much on the personal lives of a few characters But I was intrigued enough to stay with it

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    378pgs on a college campus and herself in front of a packed classroom two students a female student kills her loverprofessor

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