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Dream Girl

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1Dirt Merchant A pawnshop gets visited after hours 2Dream Girl Chu

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Ath The Light of The Silver Moon Something is awry down on the ran


Ck has the sex of his dreams from the girl of his nightmares 3Bene

About the Author: Vincent Breit

Born in a time that it was good to be born I was raised in a time where I grew up Did a stint with a group that acted dressed and talked the same Writes horror science fiction and plays Parcheesi until the break of dawn

2 thoughts on “Dream Girl

  1. says:

    im telling ya apart from the erotic tales of this comes a story so chalked full of lovely bits and pieces of ones own psychic dreaming that i couldnt stop reading this until it was over and i was left wanting but the ending was perfect a must read but be cautious will make ya a bit randy lol

  2. says:

    Needs an editor or at least someone to proofread his workI only read the first two stories and skipped the third because there were multiple spelling errors and grammar was atrocious I only read the second story to see how many mistakes I would find Tons

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