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Siren Island Siren Island #1 3

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The adventure of a lifetime begins Siren Island ShipwreckedAfter surviving a horrific shipwreck Lucy Wordsworth finds herself on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean Among the survivors is her fiancé's despicable older brother Jack Carlyle who seduces her at the first opportunity Together they discover a hidden pool inhabited by three beautiful sex starved Sirens who are determined to pleasure them in shocking and unexpected waysSiren Island Lust For Gold Having been thoroughly seduced by her fiancé's o.

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Succumbs to the charms of the native chief but disaster strikes when his jealous wife commits cold blooded murder Lucy must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the women and secure her happiness a Victorian era prim and proper young lady who finds herself unexpectedly and forcefully brought into a world that brings about her sexual awakening And typical of Virginia Wade it is a world of VERY imaginative sex that this proper young lady finds herself hurled into Natalia Darue Author of Breeding Mom and Daughte.

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Lder brother Jack Lucy Wordsworth finds herself in a moral dilemma when his brother Samuel returns To compound matters gold seeking pirates attack and Lucy is taken by the sexy yet sadistic pirate captain Erik Fallen As he punishes her lush young body she experiences a realm of pleasure she never dreamed possibleSiren Island Kidnapped After being kidnapped by hostile natives from a neighboring island Lucy finds herself in the clutches of sex cannibals who use women in ritualistic ceremonies Our plucky heroine. Winters Heat (Omega Boys, use women in ritualistic ceremonies Our plucky heroine.

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    The book is hot It has some uestionable romanticizing of serious issues but it partially goes with the genre I would say It is a pretty easy read except for the first sex scene they tend to occur rather naturally I liked how it insisted on liking sex being something normal and no need to be ashamed Fidelity aside And the rather adventurous and open attitude towards gender I understand how after writing the sixth sex scene it is hard to come up with euphemisms and synonyms for penis and vagina but some of them are rather amusing Or cringe worthy Anyway not a bad choice if you are looking for something easy and steamy

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