Whats Right? uarterly Essay #37 Summary Ò 2

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  • Whats Right? uarterly Essay #37
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  • 05 April 2019
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Whats Right? uarterly Essay #37

Waleed Aly À 2 Review

Use public opinion is swiftly leaving it behind He draws on the work of conservative thinkers past and present to sketch the kind of conservatism that seems scarce in Australia but which would be a welcome presence here This is a supple clear and original argument for political change “Our political discourse is drenched in Left and Right because it is so deeply impoverished These terms are the hallmark of a political conversation that is obsessed with teams and uninterested in ideas”Waleed Aly What's Right Interesting read Aly sketches out the political landscape of left and right and shows the similarities and differences between the Australian Liberal Party conservatives neoliberals and neoconservatives He then critiues the various positions in relation to multiculturalism and environmental issues Very useful Aly is a clear thinker and an excellent communicator

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Where did the Right go wrong With the departure of George W Bush and John Howard conservative parties in the US and Australia entered a period of turmoil Foreign affairs economics the environment – all were issues to be avoided Most profoundly conservatives no longer seemed to have a compelling vision of the future – and arguably still don’t How did the Right end up in this state How might conservatism renew itselfIn this illuminating essay Waleed Aly begins by unravelling the terms “Right” and “Lef As a conservative I had only heard about Waleed Ali and his show The Project in a negative light Figured he was just an ultra modern unprincipled Muslim SJW type and ignored him This however interested me an apparently obnoxious leftist exploring conservatism in a way that seemed inuisitive and considered rather than biased and agenda driven This was indeed the case; I was not disappointed Ali whatever his progressive ideas may be contributes a very well written essay to this respectable political publication Largely a critiue of modern conservatism's neoliberal trappings Ali actually acknowledges the importance of true conservative policy and pragmatism His issue is mainly with neoliberal politics and its inconsistencies with actual conservative values such as family and Judeo Christian morality Despite my expectations this book didn't annoy me Ali is the type of person one can easily forget is on the side of the left much as he himself would disagree with such arbitrary groupings If people on both sides of the spectrum would get their heads out of their ass and listen to those with sense and respect for civility rather than the losers that scream and cry about non issues we would all be better off

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T” arguing that these have become meaningless He contends that conservative parties have backed themselves into a corner by embracing free market extremism and that an illiberal social politics – including prescribing who or what is Australian – is not the answer electorally tempting though it may beAly discusses what a better conservatism might look like He predicts that the key issues of the day such as climate change and the financial crisis mean a reactionary brand of politics is unlikely to work beca I really could've used this in my economic geography subject as an essay reference six years ago ah well