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Published for the first time in English The Mountains of My Life collects the classic writings of world famous mountaineer Walter Bonatti and tells the real story of the 1954 controversy over the events on K2 that changed his lifeBonatti is one of the greatest mountaineers of all time a man who continually reset the benchmark of human possibility by ascending routes that others dared not even contemplate He climbed with an audacity and panache that epitomized the pur. In a word Intense Bonatti was among the most talented alpin

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Uth American peaks it also tells Bonatti's version of what really happened on the Italian expedition that made the first ascent of K2 in 1954 Bonatti's selfless actions helped avert disaster yet in the expedition's aftermath he found himself cast as a scapegoat Part detective story part hair raising adventure part meditation on his craft The Mountains of My Life is as awe inspiring and controversial as its author and is beautifully illustrated with Bonatti's own phot. Bonatti is truly one of the greatest mountaineers to ever t

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Est spirit of alpinism and inspired an entire generation of climbers Jon Krakauer calls him one of my heroes He is not only a mountaineer of astonishing talent and vision but one of the world's most engaging writers about mountaineeringBonatti has also been dogged by controversy and often been at odds with the climbing community The Mountains of My Life not only collects the best of Bonatti's writing telling of adventures in the Alps the Himalayas and little known So. I recommend some Ludovico Einaudi in the background when re

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