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Texas Magic Zebra Historical Romance

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Headstrong Bianca Moreno is ambushed by bandits when she's out riding Rescued by a handsome ranch ha.

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Nd Bianca agrees to hire him as a bodyguard But if she had her way Rick would do than guard her body.

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A new Lone Star sizzler from the popular author of Wild Magnolia Home at last from finishing school.

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    The first time I picked this book up I literally closed it while the main characters where sharing their first kiss Something about it just wasn't working for me but in the end I convinced myself to give it another go and to my surprise I was in fact able to finish it I can't remember a whole lot about the story now so I'll just write some notes I wrote on my cel phone while I was reading it I always do this to help myself with the review later on Bianca is so bloody immature and stupid it's annoying sometimes Lacks interesting dialoguesDescribes way too much about ancestors and not enough about the main characters No depth Instead of describing what Bianca is thinking or feeling the author describes pointless things like what dress she picked She chose this dress then that oneFilled with pointless paragraphs that distract you from the main plot if there is oneWeird exclamation marks Used when not necessary all the timeSo considering all my notes about this book I can safely say I did not enjoy it that much