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  • 11 October 2019
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Alien Taste

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S in the country this private investigator puts his nose to the ground to track down missing fugitives When he. It must be me because this appears to be almost universally loved But it bugged me for several reasons even for a sci fifantasy fan this premise was just too strange I couldn't suspend disbelief enough to enjoy the ride; all the weirdness is too easily accepted by everyone no one reacted like real people would; the characters and love story are woefully underdeveloped the romance felt especially tacked on and silly; there’s lots lots of exposition and yet I was still unclear on things; the pack memory was a too convenient way for Ukiah to know the solution to every problem that came up Overall I found the writing clunky and repetitive

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Crosses paths with a criminal gang called the Pack Ukiah discovers just how much he has in common with the Pack. What a great story and beginning of a new seriesThere is a lot to like about this book That said you can tell it was written earlier in Wen Spencer's career While Ukiah is fairly well developed as a character the same can't be said for most of the supporting cast view spoiler Indigo especially I felt was under developed Not just the insta love but the insta love and acceptance of having non human babies The automatic sure lets have lots of alien babies was a little unbelievable hide spoiler

Summary Alien Taste

Abandoned as a child Ukiah Oregon was found running with a wolf pack Now considered one of the greatest tracker. Wow This book was exactly what I needed Everything is just about perfect from the very well drawn characters to the setting which I don't normally pay attention to but which I was impressed with and the themes exploredFirst the characters I loved Ukiah Oregon In fact he may have to supplant Miles Vorkosigan as the fictional character I would run off to live in sin with if he were real He's a sweet noble guy who loves deeply and purely and with all that he is And you know that being raised by a lesbian couple has made him into the kind of man any woman would want to be with The secondary characters are also very well drawn I was especially intrigued by Max Bennet Ukiah's mentor and partner I loved watching them interact Max has also had a ton of crap heaped on him but thanks to Ukiah he is slowly beginning to heal And we know this because we are shown not told which is one of the book's other strengths I mentioned the setting was well done The book is set in Pitsburgh and it's very clear that Spencer knows about Pitsburgh In fact it's sort of amusing that the setting stuck out to me at all because I kept being reminded of a Mage the Ascension game I used to play in which was run by a native of Pitsburgh who mentioned several of the same settings Spencer used in the book which was cool and added pleasant associations to my readingAs for the plot you'll notice the uestion mark under the book's genre I really don't know how to classify this book It's got a very definite urban fantasy feel for about the first two thirds reminding me of a somewhat grittier Charles de Lint which is natch a good thing but then it takes a left hand turn and goes wandering off into science fiction landThe sci fi elements of the plot were definitely not my favorites They seemed straight out of a cheap B movie and even though they made sense for the story some of them seemed beyond preposterous and I had to roll my eyesI'm also not sure how well the romance worked for me I can't decide if I thought it was rushed or if it made sense that Ukiah would fall for the person he falls for so uickly because he just seems to love people so intensely anyway I think I'm leaning toward the latter because it is one of the sweetest romances I've read in a while but I'm not normally a fan of the characters meeting and professing their love mere days laterOverall despite its flaws this was a great book which I highly recommend I definitely intend to read the seuel as soon as possible

About the Author: Wen Spencer

John W Campbell Award Winner Wen Spencer resides in paradise in Hilo Hawaii with two volcanoes overlooking her home Spencer says that she often wakes up and exclaims Oh my god I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific This says Spencer is a far cry from her twenty years of living in land locked PittsburghThe Elfhome series opener Tinker won the 2003 Sapphire Award for Best Scien