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Ein Regenschirm für diesen Tag

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This brief and poignant novel from Germany explores existential uestions as its 46 year old narrator reflects on broken relationships and other failures an. the title in German An umbrella for this day uotes a sentence of the book which goes about as follows my tanslation many people regard their lives as one long rainy day and their body as an umbrella for this day Beside bonmots like this it is most of all the mood the inner atmosphere of the protagonist who reports his observations while roaming the city Frankfurt that pleases me Because of perfect fit to my own on certain days when there are no plans and time enough just to watch and be Without this fit the book might bore Yet one can learn about high uality men's shoes if of interest

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Y honor is finally available to English speaking readers in a pitch perfect translation by Philip BoehmEmployed by a high end shoe manufacturer to test new. The book was ok had some weird and curious insights but nothing special to be honest Reading it once is fine although don't expect your mind to be blown

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D struggles to come to terms with life The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt by Wilhelm Genazino 2004 recipient of the Georg Buchner Preis Germany's highest literar. I wonder what prompted New Directions to title Genazino's book The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt instead of translating the German An Umbrella for This Day I imagine there were good reasons for this decision The chosen title does perhaps express the eccentricity of the novel better than the latter but An Umbrella is appropriate for the tone of the workIt is redundant to call the novel melancholic which it is But describing it as such seems almost inescapable In this case inevitable There are of course other adjectives I'll leave them for others to proclaimThe novel centers on a middle aged man who is burdened with a curse of seeing things meaningfully His compulsion to invest insignificant events with meaning extends outwardly however He fails to find meaning in his terms authorization for his own life As respite he finds objects and their corresponding words that exist on their own remaining fiercely independent from meaning A bramble bush is such an objectword pair with echoes of Rouentin's chestnut tree in Nausea I'm not giving a good impression of the novel Melancholy as Calvino reminds us is lighter than sadness Hence the humor of Genazino's novel its charm Perhaps the moment that best sums up the tone of the novel occurs when the narrator declares that he is put off by two children calling chocolate choc In the end isn't that the perfect summation of life

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Wilhelm Genazino was a German journalist and authorIn the 1960s he studied German philosophy and sociology at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main He worked as a journalist until 1965 During this time he worked inter alia for the satirical magazine Pardon and co edited the magazine Lesezeichen Since 1970 he has been working as a freelance author In 1977 he achieved a br

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