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Nathan Stark, Army Scout

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Agrees to be teamed up with a rival Crow scout named Moses Red Buffalo Their mission to forge a trail deep into Indian territory under the command of a bloodthirsty army colonel But the mission is not what it seems If Stark and Red Buffalo want to stay alive they'll have to work together as a team if they don't kill each other fir.

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In this blazing new series William W and JA Johnstone tell the tale of a man who became a myth and a myth that became a legend This is the epic story of Nathan Stark Army ScoutThey slaughtered his family Killed his young bride And ever since that tragic day Nathan Stark has devoted his life to fighting the hostile tribes who massa.

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Cred those he loved As a civilian scout for the Army he's served with such famous commanders as Custer and Crook He's battled against such notorious war chiefs as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull Among the fiercest natives of the untamed West Nathan Stark is a living legend one that must be destroyedAgainst his better judgment Nathan.

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