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Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs

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Here's what the critics have to say about William Upski Wimsatt's previous workSpiritual heir to Norman Mailer The AtlanticWimsatt's charisma stems from his courage Cornel West Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons are cult classics deftly reflecting the hip hop generation's maturation Miami New TimesA refreshing voice for Generation X Library JournalAhead of the curve SpinAs a potty mouthed graffiti writer from the South Side of Chicago William Upski Wimsatt electrified the literary and hip hop world with two of the most successful underground classic Wow I just stumbled upon Good Reads and found you all here I feel like I walked in on a conversation and I'd love to eavesdrop I am dying to hear people's thoughts on the ideas in this book Field 30 and Supermovements Good people getting Power The history of our generation Adulthood The artist trap Management for the Movement Emotional intelligence scales The most progressive generation in history The Obama sections The top 100 activists the provocative race sections Winning strategies for the future Let the games begin You can also discuss on my blog wwwbillywimsattcom

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Imsatt before Your life just got betterWilliam Upski Wimsatt is the author of Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons A maverick graffiti artist journalist and political and philanthropic organizer Wimsatt has appeared in dozens of publications and is a popular speaker at colleges and conferences He founded the League of Young Voters worked for Barack Obama in Ohio and co organized the first ever briefing of social justice artists with the White House He was honored as a visionary by Utne Reader and included in  The Source's Power 30 list He lives in Brookl SIX WORD REVIEW A personal progressive revolutionary self help text

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Books in a generation Bomb the Suburbs 1994 and No More Prisons 1999 which combined sold than ninety thousand copiesIn Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs Wimsatt weaves a first person tour of America's cultural and political movements from 1985–2010 It's a story about love growing up a generation coming of age and a vision for the movement young people will create in the new decade With humor storytelling and historical insight Wimsatt lays out a provocative vision for the next twenty five years of personal and historical transformation Never heard of Billy W By far the best part of this book for me was toward the end where Wimsatt describes why running an organization by collective doesn't work and why hierarchy shouldn't make people cringe I wanted to photocopy this segment maybe 6 pages and give it to my current boss He's not interested in running things via collective but it describes all the things he does wrong to a tee and explains why our organization is at a standstill with him as the leader Total vindication Thanks BillyThis book is the natural progression from Wimsatt's previous books Each one is clearly the work of an older mature man Now the once rebellious kid has become even humble even reflective and even tolerant of people I think his take on why all of us do gooders need to demand and accept power is so true and is hopefully a wake up call I've always felt that we can only be effective and create change by engaging with the people and organizations we disagree with We can't hope to make change if we're on the outside looking in Be on the inside and help others look in and out A powerful messageLastly as I myself have become an older mature woman I was particuarly struck by Wimsatt granting me permission to move to the suburbs This is a personal thing but as a mother of a 13 month old daughter my husband and I are obsessed with trying to figure out a way to live in the city Chicago AND send our girl to a good school AND be able to afford it The numbers just don't add up As much as we don't want to leave our beloved City our options are limited I'm glad to see that other people also agree that the suburbs are not the anti Christ and that maybe my husband and I can transplant our urban mindset somewhere else that needs us than the City does How many liberal folks does the City really need Maybe we can do to influence change in the suburbs anywaySo thanks for another thought provoking book Looking forward to

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Bomb The Suburbs 1994 a collection of essays celebrating urban life and critiuing the suburban mindset The essay We Use Words Like Mackadocious previously printed in The Source May 1993 celebrated and critiued the wigger subculture Wimsatt released

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