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Yung Gunz

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E most feared stick up kids in the city Loyalty means everything in the game they were about to play Will these friends be able to sustain their friendships as they travel down a dangerous road of death before dishonor or will they play the game strategically so they all can come out on to

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Jontavious “Ghost” Johnson Malaki “LoLo” Mitchell Samuel “KP” Bailey and Anthony “Nuga” Bates are four friends that grew up in the mean streets on Chicago’s west side Get money by any means necessary seems to be the mentality you need to make a come up in the streets Ghos

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T sees their life is going nowhere fast so he devises a plan to make his dream their reality Getting their feet wet by committing local robberies sets them up to roll with the big boys Ghost is a mastermind of sorts who builds his team of Yung Gunz to take over the streets and make them th

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