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Tiltskin Retold in both Spanish and English classic fairy tales provide young readers with a fun way to learn to recognize words in Rumpelstilts Nikhil both Spanish and English classic fairy tales provide young readers with a fun way to learn to recognize words in Rumpelstilts

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This striking addition to Chronicle's successful bilingual book series introduces children to the universally loved stories Rumpels This book is Men on the Edge bilingual Nikhil book series introduces children to the universally loved stories Rumpels This Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition book is

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Both languages Easy to follow text coupled with gorgeous illustrations make it a wonderful addition to the home or classroom libra This version

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    Literature Reuirement Traditional Book FairytaleNumber of pages 32Age level 5 6 yearsGrade level Pre k 3Genre FictionCopyright 1996 by Xavier CarrascoBook Format HardcoverThis story is written in both English and Spanish It is about a young girl who can spin gold out of straw One day the girl's father tells the king about her talent and this piues the king's interest He brings her to his castle and puts her in a room with a large pile of straw He orders her to spin it all into gold The young woman weeps because she knows that she cannot complete the task However a little man appears and offers to spin the straw for her in exchange for something valuable This occurs two times with bigger piles of straw The final time the woman will become the king's bride if she is able to turned the straw into gold Therefore the little man makes her a bargain; He will spin all of the straw in exchange for her first born son Later when he returns for his payment he says that she may keep her child if she can guess his name That leads to a race against the clock for the woman to learn his name in order to keep her babyI really enjoyed this book I love that it is both in English and Spanish It would be great for bilingual and dual language classrooms The story is intriguing and the illustrations are well done The illustrations do a good job of showing movement and emotion The repetition in the story and the predictable nature of the book would be younger for younger students I would recommend this book for students in first through third grade

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    This book is written with English on the top and Spanish text on the bottom allowing students to read in either language or they prefer both The illustrations are abstract drawings which are an interesting take on the traditional story The text also included “silly” names when the ueen was trying to guess Rumpelstiltskin's name such as “Clubfoot Pokerspine Funnymug Unibrow Runnynose and Bulgebottom” The rest of the book follows the traditional storyline although in this version the ueen has a son whom Rumpelstiltskin wants to take

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    Well it was fun reading it

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    I felt this story ended abruptly Nonetheless it served its purposeNext book Snow WhiteBlancanieves A Bilingual Book

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    Rumpelstiltskin is the story of an old miller who tells the King that his daughter has the gift of spinning straw into gold As the King hears such a marvelous art he takes the miller’s daughter into his palace and locks her in a room to spin all the straw into gold The poor miller’s daughter has not idea how the straw could be possibly be spun into gold she feels so sad and starts crying Suddenly a small man comes to the rescue but he asks something in return The first time she gives him her necklace then her ring but the third time she doesn’t have anything else The King has promised to marry her if she turns the third room into gold; the little man accepts to help her for the last time if she gives him her first child when she becomes ueen The miller’s daughter marries the King and after a year she has a beautiful baby The ueen has forgotten about the little man until he reappears to take the ueen’s child The ueen starts begging and crying that the little man takes pity on her He gives her three days to guess his name if the ueen does not guess the little man will take the child After three days of saying all the names she knew the ueen’s despair grows bigger and send one of her helpers to search for name When the helper was walking through the woods the helper hears the little man sing and saying his nameRumpelstiltskin At the end the ueen tells the little man his name he disappears and the ueen keeps her babyThis particular version by Xavier C was from Tumblebookscom This webpage reads the story to children and highlights the text; therefore children could read along and listen at the same time The narrator reads at a slow pace enabling children to follow the story The pictures have some motion but they were not very realistic the images looked liked cartoons with few colors and very simplistic All versions I have read are very similar throughout the plot and few discrepancies could be found between them In this video version the ueen’s messenger is a man and the ueen has a boy All the names that the ueen tells the little man are different from other stories Rumpelstiltskin song says Today I sing dance and bake for tomorrow the prince I will take not even the ueen can win the game for Rumpelstiltskin is my name” Although this version is nicer in a way that they excluded the word “devil” when Rumpelstiltskin complains to the ueen and the end was also less gruesome than other versions In the online version Rumpelstiltskin stamps so hard on the floor that he falls in the ground and disappear

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    This copy of Rumplestiltskin was written in both Spanish and English However it did not catch my attention The illustrations are pointy and geometric and carry a modern feel to them This tale is over two hundred years old so giving it a modern twist can distract readers from its classic original illustrations I did like that it could be read to Spanish speaking students in their native language It would be fun for students to compare the differnt author's stlyes and illustrations I still remember as a child repeating the words from the storyRumpelstiltskin singing around the fire singing Rumpelstiltskin is my name and playing tricks is my game Whatever copy you do pick up or like the most I hope you enjoy the Brother's Grimm timeless treasure of Rumpelstiltskin

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    The illustrations are strangely charming but this adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin is so whitewashed that it omits certain important details Because the king never threatens to kill the miller's daughter if she cannot spin the straw into gold by morning there is no reason for her to promise Rumpelstiltskin her first born son when she runs out of items with which to bribe him on the third evening Also even though she insists on the third night that she has nothing left to give him the illustration show her wearing pearl earrings and an observant child will uestion why she didn't give him her earrings instead of promising to give him her baby

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    This version of Rumpelstiltskin is very simple yet delightful Adapted and illustrated by Spanish authors they tell the classic version of this story It's a nice retelling with beautiful Spanish style illustrations On each page the story is written in both English and Spanish making it perfect for a bilingual classroom

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    This was the first time that i ever read a book like this and i absolutely loved it i think this is a really good book to read to children of any age and play a guessing game with them the illustrations were different but i think that they went along well with the characters and the setting

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    I love this book for discussing good and evil in fairy tale characters The simple text and frankly lack of great pictures makes it a great book for beginning storytellers Students focus on the telling of the story rather than on trying to see the pictures