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封神演義 Fēngshén yǎnyì

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Erous gods in the Three RealmsHeaven World and Hell that rules over everything in this world and created various deities to suit their varied desires and needs Most of the gods anti deities were posthumously canonized historical national heroes and upright officials who were believed to have been heavenly deities sent to this world to deliver mankind from misery In fact the roots of many of such popular beliefs and legend are found.

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The monarch and sets him on fire with lust His poem written on the wall to express his deep love for the goddess infuriates her She decided to punish the king and bring an end to the Shang Dynasty The novel culminates with the crowning of King Wu of Zhou Dynasty 1066 BC256 BC and the canonization of gods by his prime minister Jiang Ziya However the Chinese was a nation mostly composed of polytheists who believed that there were num.

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Creation of the Gods published in the Ming Dynasty 11368 1644 is the most popular and one of the best if not also the best written Chinese classics of mythical literature It begins with the grand pilgrimage of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty 1700 BC 1100 BC the most notorious tyrant in Chinese legend to worship the Goddess Nu Wa the creator of mankind in Chinese mythology on her birthday The beauty of the goddess completely bewitched.

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Xu Zhonglin was a Chinese writer who lived in the Ming Dynasty He is best known as the author of the novel Fengshen Yanyi

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    There are Five Classic Chinese Novels that stand above all other Chinese novels and Creation of the Gods is one of them All are available in at least one English translationFive Classic Chinese Novels1 Outlaws of the Marsh aka The Marshes of Mt Liang aka All Men Are Brothers2 Three Kingdoms3 Journey to the West aka Monkey4 The Story of the Stone aka The Dream of the Red Chamber5 Creation of the GodsAll of these are magificent epic novels They are all worth the investment of the considerable time it takes to read themAs one review noted above they lack indices and reference material for the English readerFor three of these novels I have created a set of reader aides that include indices notes on the appearance of characters consistency between translations and chapter by chapter outlines and synopsesThese reading aides are called The Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentaries because my target audience is the reader who approaches these books as entertainment The websites exist for Outlaws of the Marsh Creation of the Gods and Three KingdomsThey are hosted by the Poison Pie Publishing House and are available free of charge hereOn a related note the Poison Pie Publishing House has recently published a novel The Sutra of Reverse Possession which includes as a major character Earth Traveler Sun one of the 365 gods created in Creation of the Gods More information on The Sutra of Reverse Possession is available here

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    As another reviewer noted this is one of the five great classic Chinese novels I read them all on a Chinese culture kick and at the risk of sounding like a philistine Three Kingdoms and Outlaws of the Marsh were each a bit of a slog Dream of the Red Chamber was too foreign to my experience for me to relate to the characters and Journey to the West was didactic and repetitiveCreation of the Gods is as close to perfection as any book I've readLet's put aside the whole cultural aspect of this work because it's completely unnecessary to recommend it for that reason and it might actually turn some people off This story is just so damn entertaining There's midair kung fu fights heroes and villains who are believably motivated comic interludes that are actually funny all set against a backdrop of realpolitik and shifting allegiances and telling a truly epic story that is very loosely based on historical events Timeless authentic feeling vignettes of domestic life introduce many of the characters in memorable ways lecherous King Zhou King Wu's dutiful sons Nezha's relationships with his father and mother and Jiang Ziya's commercial misfortune and short lived marriage will all resonate with a modern reader I think And when it's all over you'll find yourself pondering the ruler and the ruled's obligations to each other God's or Gods'? relationship to humankind the nature of duty rights and morals and what this whole good and evil thing really meansI got the Beijing University Press edition two volumes hardback and I'm very happy with it The translation is excellent with none of the archaic or purposely foreign sounding phrasing that is sometimes used in translations of this sort presumably to make things exotic or authentic The book is nicely illustrated and designed and just so well made that it makes contemporary Western hardcovers hang their heads in shame Seriously this is an heirloom uality editionDid I mention I really like this book? Because I really like this book

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    Meine Rezension ist unter Band 1 Creation of the Gods zu finden

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