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D forced to serve in the Korean Army He knew very little of the language and practically nothing of the Army culture but he somehow managed to come out the othe The Accidental citizen soldier First of all I don't know why this book's title was The Acci

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The Accidental Citizen Soldier is the story of Young Chun an American who traveled to South Korea to teach English only to be barred from leaving the country an Warning SPOILERsI really enjoyed the book I had always wondered what the army would be like

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R end of the two years relatively unscathed The two years took him from the Korean countryside to Second Army H to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and back again I read this book because I know someone who was a conscriptHaving served six years on activ

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    Warning SPOILERsI really enjoyed the book I had always wondered what the army would be like This book is a book about a person named Young Chun He came to Korea to teach English and was sent to the Korean Army After reading this book I wondered about why people have to go to the army I do understand how my country has population problems and the war things going on but I think that they should make exceptions for people like Young ChunHow I thought about the army before I read this was ' a place where mean people teach you how to kill people' After I read this book it sort of changed to 'a place where people shriek at you and make you run all day for about two years that will feel like eternity' Well I don't think the army as a bad place but I don't think it as an enjoyable experience As I was reading the book I wondered about why the people in the army are so harsh Well maybe the people don't listen to them if they don't act harsh? I don't think that anybody me too would like to work out all day I feel like passing out after 4 laps around the school if IF I'm in a good condition I don't want to even think about running all day Also by reading this I think that they don't give that much food either Still I think that they should act nicer Or at least foodIn social studies at school we learned about the duty of the citizens and one of them was the 'duty of defense' The duty of defense is the duty of the men where they have to go to the army and learn to fight When my teacher started on how all the boys in this school will have to go to the army I understand why the boys all shrieked NOOO when she said that after reading this book My dad says that it's a big honor to go to the army but I don't understand why I really enjoyed the book I was caught in the middle of class reading it^^;;; I liked that I got to read a bit on Afganistan after 'the kite runner' I recommend this to most people especially people that are curious about how things are like in the Korean army ^^

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    This book was about an american in the korean army It was very interesting when I looked at the book cover and I was right about itAbout the military service I was shocked now I understand why boys hate to go to military My cousin is at the military Actually it's not just military he is at the Marine Corps Every korean knows the Marine Corps is harsh to soldiers I saw his recent video and I barely recognised him He was so slim and he had a hoarse throat So I couldn’t hear his voice well and he was shouting his name and some numbers Of corse the video ended with chungseong I really think korean military need to change They need to feed soldiers properly they need to treat the solders well and I still don’t understand why there are grades in the militaryWhile I was reading this book I thought about a opposite military system Not harsh and giving soldiers fine food and not always saying chunseong I don’t know why the military doesn’t follow this opposite military systemOverall This book was nice too read and It was interesting to know about military system and I hope korean military has changed these days we are living in 2017 not 2005 I would like to hear people talking military in a positive way in the near future

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    This book is about an American called Young Chun who came to Korea for a teaching job However he finds that some weird person had added him to the hojeok and he was considered Korean – what a surprise for him He had lived in America for his whole life Korean? What were these people talking about?? Young Chun ends up in the Korean army despite the fact that he could not speak Korean fluently I was shocked at the state of the Army and the unfairness Can people actually live there? Wow I think the Army and the government were very unjust “All the obligations and none of the rights” uotes the book I totally agree – They just make you work and work and work My favourite part in the book was when Young Chun decides to accept his situation and stop wondering WHY he ended up like that I think he would have felt much lighthearted like a burden had been lifted of his shoulders Overall I love the tone that the book is written in The two years must have taken a very long time to complete – like two decades It must’ve been a good experience of course – but I hope I will never end up in the army

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    The Accidental citizen soldier First of all I don't know why this book's title was The Accidental citizen soldier So I have interest and started reading this book The other reason why I had an interest on this book was because it was Korean military's story So I could understand better To compare with The kite runner it was easier but still difficult to me And sometimes it was funny because there was some Korean expressions Sometimes I had a hard time while transelate some difficult words but still good and fun Also it was uniue that American in the Korean military

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    I read this book because I know someone who was a conscriptHaving served six years on active duty on the US Navy I had to chuckle at times at the universal life of the military As mentioned I know a young Korean who did his two years and I asked him about his time He only acknowledged that there were some difficult times I'm not sure if someone who never served would find the subtle humor in his writing

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    This is an amazing and well written story of an American forcibly drafted into the Korean army He didn't even speak Korean and was a US citizen Kudos to Young Chun for sticking it out and doing his two years time many other people in the same situation would have chosen a less honorable path

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    I stayed up way too many late nights reading this one It's a page turner for sure and especially enlightening for expats who live in Korea as an insight into Korean culture

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    Interesting look at Korean ArmyWow I enjoyed this book Korea and their Army are fucked up to say the least My congratulations for your honourable service

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