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Portraits of Sarajevo

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Ocus on his sisters and brothers the women men and children of Sarajevo who have for various reasons remained in their beloved yet troubled city and watched it fall around them as they attempt to live their lives as normally as

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Possible The book is composed of vignettes accounts of the everyday lives of real people living in an unreal situation Told in their own words they reveal the courage of a people and the brotherhood that this war has taught th

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This is the second work by the now internationally renowned Bosnian journalist Zlatko Dizdarevic dedicated to the atrocities that have been occurring in war torn Sarajevo since April 1992 In this new work the author turns his f A Friend in Need occurring in war torn Sarajevo since April 1992 In this new work the author turns his f

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    I read this book to learn about the Bosnian war and how it effected normal people in their daily lives Zlatko Dizdarevic describes the ongoing warscape with subtle terror whether in his description of the destruction of the Old Bridge of Mostar the iconic bridge joining east and west the gang rapes or the ingenuity of ordinary Sarajevans who used lentils to make coffee This kind of book is important because while the war was televised on CNN and other major news networks the world did not see the young boy running between the trenches to bring his father lunch or the Literary Museum that continued to offer foreign titles despite the war This book is a witness to the war and should be read by everyone who wants to better understand what happened

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    This is a profoundly sad tragic book about the siege of Sarajevo April 1992 February 1996 the longest siege of a capital city in modern history Through personal statements of Sarajevans who lived through this horrific experience including the author we're given a bitter taste a hint of what was going on during those years while the outside world for the most part went about business as usual I remember my own reaction early on watching TV accounts of people who had been living just like we were at the time now on the road as refugees from their own city I wondered as many of them did How can this be happening in the 20th century? The scope brutality of what happened from what I've read since then will probably never be known or explained This book reflects both the strength of Sarajevans but also the depth of the damage to their souls as well as their lives It's also a cautionary tale for everyone in this country especially anyone who thinks it couldn't happen here

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    A collection of very short essays detailing the lives of Sarajevans during the siege My favorite was Basket which brought tears to my eyes

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