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    Ich habe es nach ca 50 Seiten abgebrochen Einfach nur stinklangweilig

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    Considering how many chick lit novels seem to revolve around finding love in the physical if not the emotional sense in some cases it seems surprising that Zoe Barnes “Love Bug” is the first I’ve found set inside a dating agency Because running a dating agency is what Laurel Page has just starting doing as her new job despite having sworn off men after a recent romantic disaster Perhaps she is hoping that ensuring other people are matched up will help distract her from the fact she no longer is or maybe it’s the rules placed on her by the owner of the company that will reuire sufficient effort to keep her mind away from other thingsThe background is uite interesting with the usual office politics and the added complication of office romances to deal with Indeed at some points it seems that the staff should probably also be the customers Some of Laurel’s staff are happy with the way things are but others think it is time the business progressed but the restrictions Laurel is working under prevent this but her inability to explain those restrictions to those colleagues who think the business needs to evolve causes some ructions Whilst the setting is different sadly some of the other ideas built around it are less unusual almost to the point of being clichés There is the former best friend who ran off with Laurel’s ex fiance and suddenly appears back in her life as if nothing had happened and then predictably falls for the same man as Laurel These are mixed in with other characters who are so strange as to be unbelievable such as the man they both fall for who turns out to have a rather interesting second jobThis combination of new ideas and clichés makes the whole reading experience a little unbalanced Just when it feels like there might be something worth reading it’s mixed in with an idea so hackneyed that it almost feels like you’ve already read it and not knowing whether what you’re about to get on the next page is real gold or Fool’s Gold is somewhat unsettling There’s enough different here for it to be worth giving a try but not enough that you would want to read it again

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    This is an interesting book and definitely not what I was expecting There are a bunch of twists that you don't see coming making it even intriguing And the book isn't just about Laurel Page but about everyone else who works in the marriage bureau

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Love Bug

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Don't get bitten If love is a bug then Laurel Page is immune Been there Done that Got over it All she wants now is a uiet life And while running a dating agency may not seem like the logical career path for a woman who has so ferventl.

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All dark and oozing with Gallic charm he's an unlikely client and almost enough to make even Laurel contemplate abandoning her vow of singledom Almost But Laurel's scars run deep Cupid really would have to be stupid to pick on her aga.

Read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Zoë Barnes

Y sworn off romance for Laurel it's perfect There's something deliciously safe about other people's romantic problems Laurel's had enough drama in her relationships to last two life times And then Gabriel Jouet walks into her office T.

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  • 09 April 2018
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About the Author: Zoë Barnes

Did you know Zoë was born near Liverpool but is a real mixed bag Her mum is Manx and her dad is from Yorkshire She now lives in Cheltenham where her novels are set She is also a French translator and translates novels by Christian Jac author of the Ramses series under the pen name of Sue Dyson She was named 'Secretary of the Year' in 1987 although she wasn't actually working as a